Tuesday 20 December 2011

cakap cakap...tipping point!

In all humility I can say that I have tried to do what I can to shift people’s mind to want change in Malaysia through what I write in steadyaku47. What have you done?

It is not enough to read blogs that tells you of the abuses perpetrated by UMNO on us.

It is not enough to go and listen to Kit Siang, Hadi and DSAI talk stirringly about the struggles of Pakatan Rakyat against the relentless attempts by UMNO and Barisan Nasional to stifle and harass everything that Pakatan Rakyat tries to do for the people in the states that they govern over.

It is also not enough for you to have lively and ‘meaningful’ discussions over teh tarik and roti canai until the early hours of the morning in mamak stalls all over the country! 

You do this to past the time of day. Do not think that you have done enough to now be part of the revolution – part of the struggle Pakatan Rakyat is now engage with against UMNO and BN to bring much needed change to Malaysia.

My friend you are doing nothing!

It is not teh tarik and roti canai that will bring change. It is not the hours spent talking with your friends that will make change happen. All this that you do will not assist Pakatan Rakyat in its struggle against UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

Sometimes I despair and ask myself what will move our people to go and undertake a task, do a deed or an act that will make a difference to the fortunes of Pakatan Rakyat. So far I have not been able to do much but write.

Pakatan Rakyat is not asking for much. Your money can help Pakatan Rakyat to do things but Pakatan Rakyat does not ask for your money! Pakatan Rakyat does not ask you to brave PDRM’s riot squad or attend demonstrations after demonstrations against the BN government. They have people who will do all that without being asked.

What Pakatan Rakyat ask is for you to be with them! When you see Kit Siang, Hadi or Anwar pass by, wave to them and put your thumbs up in a gesture of solidarity, support and gratefulness for what they have done to try and bring positive change to our country.

If they hold ceramah or talks in your area – go and listen to them and be of good cheer. Make these ceramah to be  happy occasions. A good crowd will give encouragement and a sense of being appreciated to these Pakatan Rakyat politicians who have come to meet and greet you all. Talk to them, ask questions and thank them for coming as they too will thank you for being present.

Always goodwill and good cheer to all that are with us in our struggle againsts UMNO and Braisan Nasional.

The UMNO general assembly has been our turning point. 

UMNO unwarranted attacks on Christians and Chinese have bonded us all together. There is no need for the Malays to say anything to the Chinese – no need for apologies for what UMNO has done. We are all one.

I remember I had this feeling in 1992 when we were against Indonesia in the Thomas Cup final. I remember it as if it was yesterday. We were one people that night. Malaysian All! When Cheah Soon Kit and Soo Beng Kiang took the winning point my heart overflowed with pride and joy like no other time in my life as a Malaysian. It was an incredible coming together of all Malaysian.

This time it is more subdued but no less intense as that night in 1992 at Stadium Negara! We were deliriously happy in 1992. Today in 2011 we are coming together again as one people but the stakes are higher and we know that the costs of failure is something we cannot bear. Failure is not an option.

If the UMNO general assembly is our turning point then I want to tell you that what Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) said to Najib today is the tipping point!

I was wrong in thinking that we would have to fight for change in Malaysia without our young and without our Mahasiswa.

Today in an act of courage and clarity Shukri Abd Razak, Chairman of SMM told us that SMM will  NOT apologise to Najib. On the contrary SMM warned Najib that if Najib did not deliver on his promises to amend the restrictive Universities and Universities Colleges Act (UUCA) students will not hesitate to bring the government down just like they brought down the flag at UMNO HQ. Enough said!       

Now we are ready! We have all that we need to go into battle with UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Old as I am I am energized by what I hear SMM said today. And so, I am sure, will all those who have been quietly waiting in the wings for just that ‘tipping point’ needed to once and for all give us that edge over UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

We want a modern multi cultural Malaysia…we are together..we are part of something..and that something is our future! You have nothing to lose but a corrupt and arrogant UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Focus our minds on this. Commit our time and energy to achieving  this.

Pakatan Rakyat have long been ready for the 13th general elections. We the people too have been ready with Pakatan Rakyat. Now we want to see the young and our Mahasiswa  take their place with us…and we will have all that we need to rid ourselves of UMNO and Barisan Nasional!

Be afraid UMNO …be very afraid!    


  1. Stop mumbling like a drunkard Sei

  2. Calling people a drunkard and hiding behind anon.......identify yourself first,then start talking,what say you?