Saturday 31 December 2011

Stand By Me!

Stand by me not because I cannot stand alone by myself. I am strong, I am committed and I am focussed on what I want for me, my family, my children and my country. But there are many that will stand in my way.There are many that will not allow me to have my space in this place that I call my home. And I am a Malay. I tell you my friends that even as a Malay and a Muslim you will not be left alone by UMNO if you are not with them. 

If we falter and hesitate in this push for change then we will not have another opportunity in our lifetime for this change that we want because once UMNO has power again they will legislate to make sure that power will reside within them in the time that you and I have left to live in this world and maybe even for the lives of our children.

We must go into 2012 by standing together against Barisan Nasional, against UMNO!  My friends I wish you all Selamat Tahun Baru ! Happy New Year!  


  1. Sir,

    Selamat Tahun Baru 2012 to you and family.

    May you be strong and healthy always and keep on writing.

  2. Quoting Tok Guru Nik Aziz......if it's against umno,you can wake me up from my sleep and I'm ever ready to fight them.Happy New Year.

  3. What we need in Malaysia are leaders who lead from behind. Why? Then they can pick up those who fall and make them successful.


  5. May 2012 bring forth our dream that this nation of ours be brought back to the right path and takes its rightful place to be a nation free from corruption, evil, injustice and poverty.

    I salute you Pak HH for the role you play together with Sakmongkol, Mind No Evil, Malaysia-Today and many other change minded bloggers, not forgetting the Alternative Media.

    You all gave me hope and tells me to continue with that dream because I am not alone.May Allah bless you all.

    I and others like Shuk, Suci Dalam Debu and the other numerous Anons who are quite happy without any particular synonym draw strenght and hope from your writings and those like you, most of all to continue on dreaming. Without Martin Luther King and his "I have a dream..." the USA would not be what is now. We can do the same.

    You have explained enough about why you have to be harsh on PKR.At the eleventh hour before GE 13 could we not talk about the successes and achievements of Pakatan/PKR instead of its pimples and buck teeth that are common amongst teens in their formative years. Would that make sense Pak HH?


  6. Tqs all for your kind wishes ands hopes.

    TAG - yes we should talk about PR and PKR success and achievements but first read tomorrow's media about DSAI - and then maybe we talk again! Salam.