Sunday 25 December 2011

 Changing Our Mindset said...
PKR is in bad shape especially in Penang. Anwar knows this and he is doing nothing. or doesn't he knew about it? i don't think so. He once told Penang PKR that if you are in PKR for wealth and projects, off you should go. But till today PKR is still the PKR we have in 2008. No new achievements.
To the senior leaders in PKR which are almost all ex-UMNO, pls put the people 1st and not ur personal interest 1st. Pls give way to the new leaders to run the show. You know Anwar prefers that but all of you are against it as you are all scared of loosing your power. What is best to do is to work together with the to improve PKR and be the voice of PR. Pls throw away the UMNO mindset!

Pls PKR, pls CHANGE!

Changing Our Mindset
Sunday, December 25, 2011 7:43:00 PM GMT+10:30

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  1. Pkr with umno's mindset will not last... What happened to Semangat 46 will be repeated by Pkr......those who support Pkr for the cause of material gains will end up in the the best way for those who really want change is either to go for Pas or Dap...I wish Nurulizah and gang realized this...its not too late and it can be done.