Monday 26 December 2011


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The crime committed by ex-CEO of a GLC Datuk Dr Nor Shahidah Khairullah

The 1st ever case successfully investigated and reported by an independent Malaysian-TAXPAYER. This case has been officially forwarded to the Chief Secretary (KSN) Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, Attorney General, Accountant General and relevant government enforcement agencies for their respective actions.
A former CEO Datuk Dr Nor Shahidah Khairullah under investigations by Police Commercial Crime division and Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) for abuse of power and false claims. The crime was committed in 2006-2007 when she was in the Ministry of Health (MOH), resigned and recommended by the ministry as a CEO of Ninebio Sdn Bhd a government-linked company (GLC) owned by Ministry of Finance (MOF). Subsequently, she was terminated in early part of 2008 after the MOF Tribunal found her guilty of multiple false claims and irregularities. The hearing was based on the official findings by Accountant General’s special report.

During an independent investigation, Malaysian-TAXPAYER uncovered a crime and serious offence committed by the former CEO of 9Bio involving cheating the Prime Minister into approving a fast track RM 350 million projects to set up a halal vaccine production facility.

The project was secured on a turnkey-basis by Ekovest Bhd a public listed company and subsequently assisted by the managing director of Ekovest Bhd Datuk Lim Kang Hoo and inflated the project cost into an expensive development project of RM 1.9 billion. The government originally agreed and approved as a national project at RM 350 million. This was announced by former Minister of MOH, Datuk Chua Soi Lek during the ground breaking ceremony as reported by BERNAMA on September 04, 2006. Malaysian-TAXPAYER also discovered during the course of investigation that Ekovest Bhd was made to pay salaries for about 30 ex-staffs of 9Bio that had taken voluntary resignations days after Dr Nor Shahidah was terminated.

Malaysian-TAXPAYER further discovered that the crime was made possible with the help of three (3) other senior public officials of the ministry involving a Tan Sri and two (2) Datuk. The case was reported in local newspaper as well as on the internet. The case had been named, “The Money Making team: the 4 conspirators to siphon public fund.”

Now, the 4 conspirators are still FREE pending the outcome of ongoing investigations by Police and ACA to present their respective briefs of evidence to Attorney General. The public is anxiously waiting to see the four accused to be given a fair joint trial under section 170 of the Crime Procedure Code. All together 35 names had been identified and listed as potential witnesses for the likely court case by Malaysian-TAXPAYER.
The accused 4 conspirators in ranking order are:
(1) The Secretary General (KSU) of MOH and also the Director of Ninebio Sdn Bhd,
- Dato’ Sri Dr. Hj Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Ashraf.
(2) The Director General (DG) of MOH and also the Director of Ninebio Sdn Bhd,
- Tan Sri Datuk Dr Hj Mohd Ismail Merican.*
(3) The former Deputy DG of MOH and also the Chairman of Ninebio Sdn Bhd,
- Datuk Ir. Dr M.S. Pillay.
(4) The former on contract Director of the Institute of Natural Products, Vaccines and Biologicals under MOH and ex-CEO of Ninebio Sdn Bhd,
- Datuk Dr Nor Shahidah Khairullah. **
* President and ** CEO of the Malaysian Liver Foundation.

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