Monday 19 December 2011

Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia!

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I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for you young people to bersuara! And my wait has not been in vain! This is your future that you are fighting for! At most I will have another 5 years (and Bernard only 3 years lah...I know because Dr J. Walker told me so!) to walk together with you guys towards change.You guys better start walking towards Putrajaya now so that at least we will be there with you all when you reach Perdana Putra! Jom kita bergerak. We want to hear more of the following statement coming from you guys! MERDEKA!   

Students will not apologise to Najib
Tarani Palani
 | December 19, 2011
On the contrary, they warned the premier that if he does not deliver his promises, the students will not hesitate to bring the government down just like the flag at the Umno HQ.
    KUALA LUMPUR: Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) will not apologise to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for bringing down a flag bearing the premier’s face at the Umno headquarters in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).
The student movement instead gave Najib an ultimatum: amend the restrictive Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) or face the consequences in the upcoming polls.
On Saturday, around 500 students protested the government’s decision to amend the UUCA and rallied for academic freedom under the movement called Gerakan Kebebasan Akademik (Bebas).
They demanded that the UUCA be abolished and urged that students’ involvement in politics fall under the purview of their respected university administrations rather than one common law such as the UUCA.
In the premises of the Umno headquarters, one student lowered a flag bearing Najib’s image and raised the “Academic Freedom” flag instead. Although the latter was only raised for five minutes, many Umno members criticised the move and demanded an apology.
The list included Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin and Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah. Saifuddin received a memorandum from the protesters on the same day at PWTC.
‘Lost faith in Najib’
Asked if they would apologise, SMM chairman Syukri Adb Razab told FMT that the student movement would not do so.
During a joint press conference here today, Syukri voiced scepticism over the government’s proposal to amend the UUCA, saying that it is probably another “gimmick” to ensure Najib’s poltical survival.
“The lowering of the flag was a symbolic gesture that we students have lost faith in Najib’s leadership. Since the announcement or reforms on Sept 16, there have been many contrary actions by the government.
“Najib said ISA will be repealed but then 10 people were arrested in Sabah on Nov 14 using the ISA. Najib said that the (Section 27) of the Police Act will be amended but in its place, they have put in a more restrictive law, the Peaceful Assembly Bill.
“How can we still have faith in Najib’s leadership?” he asked.
Syukri said that students will give Najib until the next general election to deliver the promised reforms for an open society and do away with the UUCA or face severe consequences.
“Today we lowered the flag, tomorrow we will not hesitate to bring down the whole government and replace it with another who will protect the people’s rights,” he warned.
Many pro-Umno bloggers accused the students of being influenced by the opposition.
‘We don’t take sides’
Responding to this, former student activist Teh Yee Keong, who was also present, cited the example of the student protest in University College Insaniah (KUIN) in Kedah.
“When students protest on campuses in opposition led-states, it shows that the student body is independent and does not pick sides,” he said.
Adding to this, Syukri said: “We don’t side with any party. In fact, this is a warning to all leaders regardless of who is in power.”
He also warned that if action is taken against Adam Adli, the student who lowered the flag, the student movement will consider legal action against the government.
“It is a gesture which represented all the protesters who were there that day, it is not only the action of one person,” he added.

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