Tuesday 20 December 2011

UMNO is the thief!

UMNO is the thief that stole our innocence away. Not only the innocence of the Malays but also that of all those that call Malaysia home! Where once we were all Malaysians we are now divided ethnically and this division is further polarized by the judicious use of Islam to divide and rule not only between the Muslims and Non Muslim but also between the Muslims within UMNO and the Muslims without!    

UMNO is the thief that stole our country from us and gave it to the Pendatang because UMNO needed their votes to win at the 13th general elections! These Pendatangs have wreck asunder the fabrics of our once cohesive society. These Pendatangs have caused social unrest and havoc because they brought with them the social problems of poverty, the intense desperateness of the uneducated and a culture and mannerism that was alien to what we have been used to since Merdeka. 

UMNO is the thief that stole the wealth of our country for themselves. Not content with what they have stolen of our country’s wealth they then proceed to strip our country’s assets – land, mineral wealth, timber…anything of value – all stolen on a grand scale to enrich UMNO’s leaders and satisfy them of their never ending greed for more wealth.      

UMNO is the thief that stole Petronas Royalty payment due to Kelantan and Trengganu because they could. Stole if from the Malays that needed it most. Stole if from fellow Muslims who dares to want a PAS government that eschews corruption and the materialism preferred by UMNO.

And UMNO will continue to steal all that it can not only from the Malays but from all those that call Malaysia their home. So my friends if you do not want thieves to govern you, vote wisely. Chose those who promise to do good. Choose ABU.  


  1. If anything is stolen and you don't know who did it, it has to be UMNO!

  2. "If anything is stolen and you don't know who did it, it has to be UMNO!"

    And when you know it, it too is UMNO

  3. Thank you sir! I hear you loud and clear.

  4. I hope very much there are now many many Malaysian Malays who would think like you. Under your leadership, Malaysia would certainly be transformed. The rural area people need to hear your speech and your message. UMNO is destroying this country and Malaysia quietly. Mathir has marginalised sultans and he stole national treasure and resources from sultans who were traders since hundreds of years ago.