Wednesday 21 December 2011

UMNO the Guardians of Islam? HUH!

ISLAM is compatible to prostitution. Islam is compatible to Massage Parlors masquerading as health centers and health spas. Islam is compatible to having foreigners coming into Malaysia with the connivance and enthusiastic assist of the immigration authorities to ply their flesh trade!  

If you have read what Pak Arshad wrote on “Is Sex Tourism Malaysia’s New Brand” at :

you would understand why I say that Islam is compatible with the sex trade.

Islam is the official religion of this country – is it not? Then why, pray tell me, does this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government close one eye and shut the other to the burgeoning sex trade found all over the country – radiating from the mother of all sex trades center : BUKIT BINTANG!

Let us start with the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia that is under the Rumah Ministry with the Din guy as Minister. If you are a foreign sex worker intending to ply your trade in this Islamic country of ours your first and last stop has to be with this Jabatan Imigresen. First stop because you need their ‘approval or not’ to enter this country. Entry and exit for these foreign sex workers are much welcomed by this Jabatan Imigresen because it is a lucrative income stream for our boys there. Those waiting in line for their share of the spoils starts from the Minister’s office, through to the Jabatan Imigresen and those runners who ‘arrange’ for these sex workers to come and go at will!


No problems......some thousand of ringgits to grease the palms of the relevant officers and your passport will be given the appropriate ‘OK’ and at the appointed time of departure you are directed to which immigration officer you are to go through at KLIA and all is ‘selesai’. Of course along the way some of these bastards are not beyond testing some of the merchandise coming their way…perks of the jobs!

PDRM? Huh! Go read what I wrote about “Prostitution as a Source of Income” for PDRM here:

If UMNO appoints itself the guardian of Islam in Malaysia then why do they close their eyes to the debauchery and sexploitation abounding in Kuala Lumpur and many other areas in the major cities in Malaysia. You all have eyes you can see.

I put it to you that all this proliferation of the sex industry in KL is allowed by the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government because their leaders enjoy the pleasures of the flesh more often then really should and see no gain in asking this industry to cease and desists their activities!

Where would the contractors successful at securing government tenders go to ‘entertain’ the government officers and politicians that have ‘assisted’ them in procuring their tenders? Where indeed!

Where would those political appointees within the Ministry of Home Affairs find another source of income as lucrative as taking care of overstaying sex workers?

Where would Jabatan Imigresen and PDRM and RELA and JAIS and those runners arranging for this trade to function smoothly go if the sex industry is deprived of its local and foreign supply source?

My friend in as far as this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government is concern ….Islam be damm…the periok nasi of these miserable son of bitches in Jabatan Imigresen, PDRM, RELA, JAIS and of course, their own UMNO operatives in the Rumah Ministry is more important! So much for UMNO being the guardians of ISALM!            


  1. Dont worry bro.....the last time I checked,they have make the hell 100 times bigger than heaven,the reason.....they have to accomodate a lot of Malaysian muslims......

  2. i just cannot imagine how pas wants ug with umno!

    to get a shre of the trade? god forbids!