Thursday 22 December 2011

ZAID is with US!

There are times when principles and opportunism go hand in hand and at times they are separated by a very fine line by doubters and purists. Not unlike the Taliban who is a Jihadist in one camp and a terrorist in another. Now where do we put Zaid Ibrahim?

I wrote the above paragraph about two weeks ago and for the life of me I could not find a way forward. What should come next? That is until this morning when I saw Zaid’s piece “Fighting for a better Malaysia” in Free Malaysia Today:

In that article I saw again in Zaid what I saw when he left Pak Lah’s Cabinet in September 2008 and when he left PKR in 2010.

For Zaid it was always about anything else but him!

His resignation from Pak Lah’s cabinet was not about him not being given the Defense, Finance or DPM post. It was not about him not being given any project or any contract. It was about his concern for the rights of Teresa Kok, Raja Petra and Tan Hoon Cheng.

In PKR he withdrew his candidacy for the party post of Deputy President as a sign of protest against serious allegations of fraud and electoral misconduct perpetrated by his opponent Azmin Ali – allegations that were proven to have substance in the party’s elections held in 2010.

And today in his article in FMT he is writing not about Zaid Ibrahim or KITA but about Hindraf and Raja Petra. 

He writes about remembering the contributions of these two towards Pakatan Rakyat success in the 2008 general elections. He writes about Petra relentless assault on the ISA and Petra tireless online campaign for the opposition.

And he reminds us of what Hindraf was able to do in mobilizing the poor and marginalized Indian community – a feat Zaid believes Hindraf will be able to do again come the 13th general election.

And then Zaid being Zaid, he takes a swipe at Petra and calls Petra a maverick that “will say and do things we don’t approve of” and tells us that some of Hindraf demands, “were questionable and perhaps unreasonable”. Vintage Zaid! Always telling it as it is!
But there is one word he used that I wished I had thought of:


This to me is the essence of what Pakatan Rakyat, MCLM, Hindraf, Petra and the bloggers that he gave birth to, and all of us that want change -  this INCLUSIVENESS is the fabric that will bind us together in our journey towards Putrajaya.

INCLUSIVENESS is the fabric that will protect us from the ravages of an UMNO that will stop at nothing to secure more time to plunder and pillage our nation.

INCLUSIVENESS is our armour, our sustenanace and the strength we need to take us where we want to go. PUTRAJAYA.

For me Zaid is that breed of Malaysian who transcend ethnicity, who is masters of his own destiny. Masters because they think for themselves the right and wrong of issues and situations they are faced with. And this is not the done thing in a Malaysia where you are usually the product of race, religion and your peers. Zaid took whatever opportunities that came his way but only so that those opportunities are used to enable him to live up to his own principle in taking care of the big picture - Malaysia and its people - not himself.

His time in UMNO and PKR are well documented and does not need any further introspection but his future does! I want to see what he will do with his life from now! Will he make his peace with PKR? With Anwar and Azmin? Or more to the point will Anwar and Azmin allow Zaid to make his peace with them?

There is nothing personal in this. It is for Party and not for self. Zaid is needed in Pakatan Rakyat if we are to succeed against UMNO. Pakatan Rakyat does not need to go looking for him he is already there ready and willing to do his part unconditionally. And Pakatan Rakyat must take him in unconditionally.

What he writes in FMT today reaffirms what we hope Zaid will do for Pakatan Rakyat and for all those who are with Pakatan Rakyat and those in Pakatan Rakyat.

It need not be said that this INCLUSIVENESS include DSAI and those that will take DSAI mantle when the need arise.

I for one will be watching closely developments within Pakatan Rakyat and PKR as we all do more then pay lip service to INCLUSIVENESS within the opposition. As for Zaid Ibrahim - cakap mesti serupa bikin!     


  1. Zaid is a bona fide opportunist, not a welfare officer nor human rights champion.

    He has proven himself. He has the money to show

  2. I am not in umno or pkr and I do not know zaid personally, but I don't think he's a team player as shown during his stints with these parties. At times we can see that his heart is in the right place, moved by conscience and not self but that's all he can be, an independent activist. Hes finding his own party difficult to manage and lead

  3. This Zaid Ibrahim has principles. Nobody in UMNO will resign as a Minister unless dropped. But he resigned over the use of ISA to detain a reporter and DAP MP. That I salute. Even the Minister embroiled in the current NFC scandal is still holding on to her post.

    Zaid is rich. How rich? I bet a lot of UMNO Ministers now are richer than Zaid including PM and DPM. At least Zaid has a business to show where the money comes from.

    Zaid Ibrahim and Co is the biggest law firm in the country. But what business does the other Ministers and warlords do for them to be rich apart from being in the business of corruption and commission?.

    When Zaid proposed to Pak Lah for all Ministers to declare their assets, almost all the Ministers objected. The reason given is that it will be a threat to them/family security. Threat against kidnappers they say.

    Or are they scared to let the poor Malays know how much they have accumulated from their corrupt activities?

  4. Sometimes we see in others what we should be seeing in ourselves, hence Zaid's ready identification of the maverick in RPK. If I recall correctly, RPK mentioned with some sadness how Zaid went off in a huff during the buy-election where many were campainging for him. Yet RPK still considers him a friend. Perhaps this is RPK's weakness. Despite his formidable intelligence - he can run rings around most of the insects he addresses - he seems to give some weight to superficial expressions of goodwill and concern. Conversely, he has repeatedly said that he cannot stand being mocked.

  5. Zaid can be another Raja Petra.
    It is not important to be a politician to fight for the overthrow of UMNO/BN.
    I for one would like to be a farmer and successful bussinessman who could change how bussines is done in a sinful way by having riba in every espect of the economy.
    The prophet Mohammad was not a politician. He was a bussinessman and a preacher.
    Tell Zaid to be like Prophet Mohammad and change politics from outside the box.

  6. Well said. I completely agree with what have been written about Zaid. He is the most consistent ,sensible and fair thinking politician that Malaysia has today other than Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and Nurul Izzah . I believe it was the best thing that happened to Zaid in regards to PKR. You know what, nature has it's way to reward people and sometimes in the most awkward way for all the good intentions. Zaid is a model politician who takes politics as a service to the rakyat unlike a career goal like most politicians. This is what we should be aiming for. Yes Pakatan will do for now in comparison to BN (BN is just a joke and perhaps just bad comedy), however this current mentality will not be good enough, they must improve and Zaid ways and principles will be a guide. To much of UMNO, MIC, MCA barbaric ways are still intact within PKR and its not easy to clear it out as most leaders have that like a built in feature within them and further more spreading it like a virus to the younger generation that this is what politics all about. Nurul should take charge, guide and eliminate this negative elements out within PKR. History will tell that the oldest profession in the world is prostitution and followed by politician, however I hope our country do not put both this profession on the same league except for some numeric history identification as at current times the way the government is running things, I can’t differentiate between the 2 profession except at times I feel prostitution looks more of an honorable one.

    I do accept that most readers would not accept what I have to say, but then again this is just my comprehension and a ‘futuristic dream/wish’ for a better tomorrow for our country.

  7. The once great UMNO ex-leader who many UMNO members worship said last year :

    "UMNO is corrupt to the core".

    And he even defended Taib Mahmud for accumulating billions. Oh my God!!

    To UMNO supporters : If your revered leader said that, do you still want to support the party?? Are you not ashamed to support a corrupt party??

    I rest my case.


  9. Each of us has a reason for change mainly because BN has time and again proven to be beyond redemption.

    If PAS and DAP could cooperate within Pakatan Rakyat in opposition to BN, what is to stop individualistic personalities working in their own way in support? Just imagine them to be disparate groups with a common objective of good governance in administration of our country.

  10. I read and appreciate a lot your write-ups and the last few that you have written has indicated a very interesting inclination.
    Though I'm not politically savvy nor know much about the trends and bends of the current political cimate, I've kept abreast of issues.
    And it is my belief that you belong to the Tengku Razaleigh coterie. That is, "speak out against UMNO's plundering but let's reform from within". It would seem now, you are more like "forget it let's abandon ship!"

    With all the illicit monies UMNO/BN has hoarded and the control of gov't agencies, it would seem they won't readily cede the seat of gov't.
    So what gives?

  11. If you were pkr wd u take him back?

  12. RPK once said Zaid is a loose canon. If you are wrong, he will shoot. Yes, Zaid should not belong to any party. He is no yes-man. He is great as a third force. I salute him for that.

  13. Terima Kasih all for reading what I write and for your comments. I feel that I need to response to Gaudi so here goes:

    I know Ku Li but alas he does not know me. So perish the thought about me belonging to his coterie! (whatever that means!)

    And I cannot reform UMNO from within nor abandon ship because I was never on board. I have lived in Australia since 1978 - so much for your ability to discern where I belong.

    I see what is happening in KL/with UMNO/with Pakatan etc etc and I write. That's all there is to it. The last time I was in KL was over three years ago. So where that puts me is for you to tell me now that you know a bit more about me. Salam.


  14. During the launch of MCLM in London last year, I was there and upon seeing YM RPK and Datuk Zaid, I approached them in private. I asked them for permission for me to kiss their feet for the actions they had taken in trying to make Malaysia a better place for us all, malays, chinese, indians, ibans, etc... They bluntly refused and had a chuckle. Anyway, I took photograph with them and also with PI Bala. Personally, after meeting and speaking with them, in my opinion, I will trust Datuk Zaid and YM RPK with my life. TIME WILL TELL.

  15. Petra,zaid,Husain and a few more,let's hope that they all are a real deal..........I know I am.

  16. Zaid should have joined DAP instead of PKR in the first place. He would have more room to manoeuvre in DAP but now he has unwittingly drove himself in a place only a few will hear him. Politic is also about the ability to put oneself at the fore front without the show of arrogance and frowardness that is what Zaid fails to see!

  17. I think Zaid should join PAS. He can reform PAS and also be a good advisor to them.

  18. Pak Husin,

    Jangan terlalu harap dengan si Zaid ini. Daripada tingkah lalunya adalah jelas dia ini suka bergerak solo dan bila ada sesuatu yang tak seaksi dengannya dia akan tikam dari belakang.

    Mana tahu,tindakan2nya hari ini dibuat dengan sesuatu motif? Sukar kita baca langkah Zaid seterusnya.

    Bagi saya,biarlah dia berkokok sendirian sehingga mata hari terbit!!


  19. No Pak Husin, Zaid is not with us, with you perhaps.


  20. Sorry Sein, whatever you say I don't trust this Zaid guy.

  21. Zaid is a material that cannot be appreciated by many within the PKR (or UMNO).

    We don't have many leaders who are bound together in a party by common idelogy or principle. Zaid needs a good team in that context.

    We hope Zaid will continue to fight for justice and contribute his ideas for the well being of the country.

  22. Have read so many things about Zaid Ibrahim,to some of you,I would have thought that you are his shadow to reveal so many traits of his,I believe in Zaid n people like him,too bad for anyone who doesn't agree with me,to each it's own,sometimes we comment on things that we least know off,as if we know a lot,we do know a lot but most of it is Bullshit,Zaid does as Zaid thinks,so it must be his fault to disagree with Azmin n DSAI,well I am in the minority then coz I believe in Zaid,and god knows we need more people like him,for better or for worst,thanks Abg for the article,

  23. LOL!! The dictionary defines "coterie" an exclusive group as in prairie dogs occupying communal burrow!
    Tengku Razaleigh is spent force, history lah. Did he bother to comment on the dirt in that Shahrizat NFC Cowgate scandal involving RM250 million 'loan'?

    Anon 11:17, let me reword the question - Knowing Zaid, would you think he'd want to go back to PKR?

    Jangan mudah lupa, PKR's Anwar Ibrahim has allowed himself to be twined by an insecured bunch with umno DNA, headed by chieftan Azmin Ali who kept reminding the Anwars how close their families were, he looked after the family when Anwar was in jail and that much he did for Nurul Izzah's wedding ...blah blah blah. It was written all over the wall for all to see at PKR 2010 party election, remember?

  24. Zaid has my 100% support as opposed to the other many politicians. He walks the talk n uphold his principles of justice. Different from many running dogs that are hypocrite n yes man just to ensure they gain for themselves. A PM material. We definitely need more of this type of Malaysian. Our Government knows this and wants to suppress this by ensuring our education system produces the majority that cannot think but merely follow. They only send their own children for better education overseas so that they come back to continuously suppress the majority.

  25. All PKR guys are ex UMNO. One day they will all go back when they find out that the grass is greener there.That is politics. I do not mind that. But what I detest are people who are being used to cross over with the view to destabilise a legitimate political party and then go back to to demand their pound of flesh. Why. The prnciples of parliamentary democracy, if there is such a term, are being used to undermine the very system it is intended to protect.

    Today we are reminded constantly that the Goal Post is changing so often that even Messi, that prolific goal scorer in real life, is unable to score a political goal.

  26. I think Zaid is best summed up in the Malay proverb: Hangat hangat tahi ayam!
    He can be inspirational but does not have the gumption to see it through, especially when the going gets tough. I think he is a product of NEP but felt guilty for making too much but expending too little.
    So he resigned from UMNO. But any MP worth his salt would have done that and much earlier too.
    So he joined PKR amidst all the fanfare. But his honeymoon was cut short abruptly by a by-election clearly manipulated by BN but he could not persevere to tough it out. So he ventured out on his own and form KITA, a gathering of nothing more than a bunch of wally wags who had no where to go. But once their true colours were displayed, Zaid felt guilty once again and pledge allegiance to Pakatan.
    Yeah, looks like he is Ku Li II.

  27. Zaid may be a good person but not necessarily a good politician, statesman or even party leader. He is free to contribute to the nation in his own way, suitable for his character. There is so much hype about his resignation as a minister, but the fact is almost all the other cabinet members were either ignoring him or belittling his efforts. He was an outsider brought into the cabinet by Badawi through the back door.