Sunday 25 December 2011

Cakap an old man

written by An Old Man, December 25, 2011 14:08:07

If one is too engrossed, one tends to lose sight of a bigger perspective. Most Malaysians are not really fond of Anwar, or Kit Siang, or PAS for various reasons. But one thing is for sure, everything is harboring ABU sentiments now. If Anwar or Kit Siang or Hadi understands STRATEGY, the way to reach Putrajaya is really simple. First, Anwar announces he is not standing for the next GE, he gets all the PAKATAN kingpins to genuinely embrace Nurul as the leader of the united front backed by a council of more solid advisors like Mariam Mokhtar, Tony Pua, Josh Hong, Dr Jayakumar, Zaid Ibrahim, etc. Once Putrajaya is captured, Anwar can try to claw back - fair and square - if people still have faith in him.


  1. a good advise.however,a player is different from a talk clever the other 'execute' it.

  2. Sorry to have to point this out to you. You are not really the `rakyat' to choose who forms the next government. You are intelligent, you write well and you do come up with many salient points. But you are not on the ground as they say. Neither are the other bloggers who think they have the pulse of the `rakyat' in their hands. At this point in time, both sides and their supporters think they can win. Well, as the saying goes, ONLY GOD KNOWS

  3. Cakap cakap senang but one big chest-beating idiot swears to storm prison walls, remember? :D