Friday 30 December 2011


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The Angry Bird has spoken. Many Malaysians from all races have been saying this ever year. But when the New year comes our leaders give a speech to welcome the new year without any reference to the previous year. All those complaints and suggestions for the promotion of a better Malaysia is thrown out of the window just like that.

What we need if for some one or a group of people to produce a massive impact to turn public opinion against the present trends which is based overwhelmingly on the raced based politics that we have had for over 50 years. We need to migrate form that kind of thinking to one that will adhere to the Primary Principle of the Five year Development Plans- Eradication of Poverty Irrespective of Race.

My international experience confirms that there could be no normal political and economic development in an abnormal society. And based on what we see all around us we are one because we do things that defies the natural laws of logic.The struggle for a nonracial or race neutral Malaysia must become an integral party of our broader struggle to create a Malaysia that will become a prosperous and a respected nation in the wold.

We must be prepared to accept this change no matter how painful it may be to those who today disproportionately enjoy the fruits of the working class of this country. This is no empty call for the strengthening of society as a whole. If we do not start now we will become like other Third World countries where no Police Force, Rela or PVR, individually or combined can prevent the poor from stealing form the rich.

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