Thursday 29 December 2011

Anwar, Nurul and Azmin

They say that sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. Our inability to see what is obvious has damm many of us to the realms of those who are ordinary.

DSAI is one of those people who are less ordinary. He is what he is now not by accident of birth, race or religion. He is where he is now by dint of what he has done with his life in the time that he has lived till now.

At time circumstances shaped him into what he has become. He has not come out of being within UMNO unscratched. His years in Sungai Buloh did not seem to leave him with a desire for revenge or retribution  - or so it seems. Where most of us live through one lifetime, Anwar has lived through many – the heights and depths of which we ordinary mortals cannot even begin to dream about!   

If he had remained the friend that I knew from MCKK days then at most I would have kept in touch with him only  when we had our class get together done once every decade or so. But Anwar chose instead to go into politics and he did become DPM. While I hope we are still friends we both cannot ignore what we have now become. He leader of the opposition and me a blogger. Our public persona now speaks out more often then our friendship – if there is still one. But as KB (one of our classmates) has  said : “We are Family”.

Last night I was forwarded an email now circulating within PKR :


I have posted that email on my blog with my comments. It would be for Zaid and Nurrul to respond appropriately to the contents of that email but suffice for me to say that that particular email did no service to PKR or Pakatan Rakyat  - it only did good for UMNO.

I have read the various comments and posting in response to this email and I would now wish to put in my two cents worth.

I would like to address my response direct to Anwar.

Saudara all that we can do is to try and understand what it is that is now inside your head. As you have said before you have spent time in Jail and it is not that hard….but I know that jail for anyone is still a trying time. – whether it is  deserved or not! 

But you are not anybody! You are first leader of PKR and then leader of the Opposition and of course a Family man and our friend – in that order! So I speak to you as leader of PKR.

Go back to the first line of this posting :

“They say that sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees”

What should matter to you first Anwar is the state PKR is now in. You being in PKR may not be able to see it all – most of us can. PKR has almost lost the moral right to lead Pakatan Rakyat because YOU have almost lost the moral right to lead Pakatan Rakyat.

Please note that I said “almost”.

I have always said that you are leader of the opposition and PM designate by default. Because there is no one better to be leader and PM designate. Do not now lose your place as leader of Pakatan Rakyat and PM designate by default too….because you did not do the right thing for PKR and Pakatan Rakyat!  

Before PKR descends into the abyss of in fighting between the Azmin and Nurrul factions you should settled the matter of who will lead PKR should you be incarcerated. And it is not about nepotism and it is not about what hold Azmin has on you. It is about what Pakatan Rakyat needs to win the 13th general elections. And if you are not able to work this out for yourself let me spell it out for you.

DAP and PAS will not have Azmin to lead PKR. Their choice is Nurrul. Our choice is Nurrul. That Nurrul happens to be your daughter is a happy coincidence, we hope, for you and Azizah. Do the right thing here!

I know you are the one going to jail, not me! Understand this saudara - the people have great affection for you but this affection have been held back as they see PKR and you go into a free fall of mistakes and seemingly personal vested interests being prioritize ahead of party’s, national and their interest. You and PKR have not fully recovered from the well meaning but questionable party elections. I can tell you this saudara – Najib sending you to jail could be the biggest calamity that could befall UMNO going into the 13th general election – BUT – you must take the initiative to maximize this damage to UMNO.

UMNO cannot fight a resurgent and cohesive PKR – the PKR that was leader of Pakatan Rakyat just after the 12th general election. To be that PKR again would require your heir presumptive, Nurrul Izzah to lead. Make this happen now Anwar – what can Azmin do to harm you more than what you have gone through until now?

We know that Nurrul is not ready, inexperience and without the support of the body politic within PKR – even more reason for her to have your unwavering support of her place as leader of PKR! And more critical she has the support of the body politic outside PKR – and of us! 

I cannot say anymore than this saudara. It is now your call!      


  1. I am actually reluctant to state my personal stance for fear of upsetting other contenders. But the perceived persecution of Anwar for being a threat to the Umno leaders for the second time is certainly fuel for mass discontent. This will naturally put Nurul Izzah as an icon and idol who could rally mass support which cuts across gender, race and religion. She has shown to be capable and reasonable in her views as an MP as well as a Vice President of PKR. What she needs most is unwavering support from trusted seniors to help her to lead the party. Some people are meant to be leaders by choice of the people, especially in exceptional circumstances like persecution of one's father. We have seen enough examples in Asia where leaders were chosen when they were least ready or prepared. Such a scenario in Malaysia is likely to be played out if Anwar is put to jail come January 9. I honestly would prefer Anwar be given a chance to compete fairly with Najib at the next general elections.

  2. When I first came across izah's interview with an Australian tv sometime after the 12th general heart say that this is one special individual......maybe this is the person that we Malaysian have been searching for to bring the country towards the right direction.....look at Indonesia,they now have Bambang Yudoyono as their leader after a long search and he seem to be doing a good job...maybe Izah can do a Bambang to this Boleh Land.

  3. How easy it is to rock the boat. Put leaders of PKR against each other. Create some kind of theory. Let's test the waters. Wouldn't it be interesting to spin that there's a group in UMNO who wants an early election. Najib must get the mandate to rule, they say. They are right. Najib wants to delay so that his programs can take off and show the results.
    Now, you Hussin talk about taking over from UMNO and by creating a crisis in PKR will help that. Have you ever considered what PKR members want? Simply pathetic !!

  4. Haha..Anwar will be convicted. That's what even his so-called buddies think. Friends like that, are common to Anwar. They abandon him in times of need. With the judgement due only on 9/01, his buddy Husien has already thrown in the towel. We know why. Payback time...