Tuesday 27 December 2011

cakap cakap:What lies ahead in 2012?

Late last night…very late last night…I switched off my PC, switched off my TV and sat quietly in my living room with a cup of Nescafe (black!) and slowly let my mind wander over the happenings of 2011.

I have been trying to make myself do a review of things that mattered in the year that is just about to end. The thought of having to go through so many stories, so many issues and so many happenings was daunting -  so much so that I started to find excuses to not do so. Unfortunately I could not come up with any plausible excuse that would allow my brain to tell my mind to stop thinking about it.

With me the brain and the mind are two different things.

The brain does the decision making…and the mind plans the execution of that decision. So because my brain has not been able to come up with a good excuse to NOT write a review of what has happened this year my mind was still actively going about with the task my brain had previously suggested it do: write a review of 2011!

Right now I am in a twilight zone of having to do something that my brain has suggest I do while that same brain is in the process of finding a suitable excuse not to do what it has already suggest I do. If I have manage to confuse you all with my thinking process then it is good because I am also in the same place: confused.

But write I must!

2011 has not been good for Anwar Ibrahim. Come next week it could be worse. Suffice to say for now that he has done the best that he can but his best is not good enough for PKR, for Pakatan Rakyat and unfortunately, for himself.

But he still has a week to go and Anwar is capable of turning things around if he can get his head around the realities that are now around him….namely to prepare PKR and Pakatan Rakyat for what is to come after his incaceration. Do it right and the first business of a Pakatan Rakyat government will be to arrange a pardon and the release of DSAI from jail. We would not want to contemplate any other scenario.

I am certain that victory at the 13th general election will be for Pakatan Rakyat!

So my thoughts next turn to those within UMNO and Barisan Nasional that have abused the trust we have placed in them for over half a century past! For many of us our first thoughts will be:

In defeat, malice; in victory, revenge.

But remember too the Chinese proverb:

I guess we need to see the wisdom in both and what must be done is somewhere in between.

Or should we do a Mahathir? He would say:

If an injury is to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared” 
Niccolo Machiavelli

Or should we remember Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and Aminurasyid because the dead cannot cry!

We can just hope that the incoming Pakatan Rakyat government will have the wisdom of Solomon and the compassion of Mandela to do what is right so that our nation will start the process of healing .

The business of government is not my business. The Pakatan Rakyat politicians will barter and horse trade between themselves for the honor of governing us. An honor I hope they will understand we have bestowed upon them because they have promised to do good. Nothing more, for now, need to be said of this. Time will impose upon us all the truth of our trust upon these Pakatan Politicians and time too will tell us if this trust has been abused or honored.

There are issues that I would like to see resolved asap simply because they have been in our consciousness for far too long.

Altantuya, commission of RM$500 million for the purchase of those damm Submarines, the MACC murders, the murders of suspects while in the custody of PDRM, corruption in MINDEF, PKFZ, the IPP agreements….all those business dealings ‘opportunities’ hidden within the OSA! name a few!     

And I think what would concern us all is the business of going on with our lives under a Pakatan Rakyat govrnment. Hopefully all those that call Malaysia their home will be given their due.  ….and I do want to come home again to Bangsar. Under Pakatan Rakyat I will!


  1. Sir,

    Fight for the lesser evil. There is no perfection.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Yes I have been waiting to see many issues resolved since my first voting in the 80s. Hopefully the opportunity surfaces post GE13!

    Pok Li

  3. Its going to be one tough fight to upstage the ruling corrupt goverment...with the kind of society(voters)that we have,we need more luck than anything else.......

  4. itu aneh aneh dalam DAP lagi mau gaduh kar??
    nanti semua kasi masuk longkang
    baru tau.
    ramasamy & Kula jangan lebih lebih..