Monday 3 February 2014

cakap cakap...."Nasi lemak telanjang la"! Aisehman MAS how?

“I flew on economy to Bangkok thinking its such a short trip and so early pulak tu pasti i will close my eye and have a short nap tak payah lah membazir duit naik business class. This Sad looking Nasi Lemak from Mas for sarapan sungguh memeranjat kan..The fact that its our national career and we dont take pride in providing our so call most famous Malaysian breakfast that kita Agong2 kan bangga serata dunia and to show case this on international flight without the proper timun and kacang serta ikan bilis nampak macam miskin sangat sarapan Malaysia ini. Kita orang Malaysia sudah pasti la tahu akan quality Nasi lemak serta pilihan lauk2 that goes along with it but hey….what about all that international travellers. Seriously i feel sad that our Msian Breakfast can suffer its own image so misleading to the point where i felt the need for them to realised how serious this can be. Why la so much in consistency when it come to serving This dish at various destinations? Why my flight ticket cost me rm850 tu maka its not business class enough ke that i am serve Nasi and Sambal with telor that make my breakfast so mcm ” Telanjang la” Come on la Mas tak kan kita nak selalu membebel pasal simple basic thing of serving the country national heritage food and dah macam pahat serta pemukul? Why sent letters to act on my complain and appology and then repeat back the same mistake? Hello am i being to difficult here or being sensible to request for a normal Nasi Lemak?”

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