Saturday 22 February 2014

Datuk, Datuk, Datuk, Datuk and Datuk! Aiyah so many Latuks ma!

What happens when a Datuk enters a room full of other Datuk's? How do they greet each other? It would be unthinkable to greet each by their own names for after all they are Datuk's! Datuk this and Datuk that! 

How does a lowly Datuk with a Darjah Pangkatan Seri Melaka (DPSM) greet a Datuk with a higher  Darjah Mulai Seri Melaka (DMSM)? Do what the Japanese do and bow lower? Does the class one Datuk stays more upright as the Class Two Datuk bows deeper?   

Does the richer Datuk consider himself or herself the real deal? After all the trappings required of a Datuk are not chicken feed! It would not do to have a Datuk be seen to be tight with his money......even if he or she had to beg, borrow or steal that money...and there have been Datuks, Datuk Seri, Tan Sri's and Tuns who are not adverse to doing just that! 

Is that Chinese Towkay who paid RM400,000 for his Datukship from Pahang of a higher standing than the MIC businessman who only paid RM$80,000 for his? Or are they both at par if both of them wrote off that "donation" as a business expense and it becomes tax exempted? After all it is the company that is paying ma! But don't tell the Sultan...Tuanku will get upset if he is cited as the "tax deductible" expense....but that would still not prevent the Sultan from enjoying any of those tax deductible offerings from any Datuk.

Tun's are a bit more upmarket...but just thinking of Mahathir meeting Pak Lah at the lift in the lobby at PWTC makes me want to smile....will they greet each other warmly or will old habits prevail and have one Tun wait while the other Tun ride up the elevator first! Tut tut tut...when will they all wake from the stupor that they are all in and understand that we don't care a damm anymore! Well at least I don't!    

I guess the following take from "Spies Like Us" where Doctors are greeting each other, would be an indication of what Datuks do when they meet each other.

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