Monday 24 February 2014

cakap cakap...This Sultan is deserving of our contempt!

I trace my ancestral lineage to these two: Arong Limbang anak Peta Pechawal, Raja Besar Bugis Di Sanghie (Sanji) married to Anak Raja Jawa Di Sulawesi. Whether my ancestors came to Malaysia because they were blown of course or stopped here on their way to Mecca is open to conjecture but it is no big deal! These things no longer makes a difference to my life…in fact today apart from politicians and racists who are deserving of our contempt, the Malaysian Royals are a close contemptible third of things that I dislike.

Take Azlan Shah of Perak, who of all the other Sultans should have known better having been a Chief Justice of some note before becoming the Sultan….how he can allow himself to be used by his political masters for their own ends simply fills me with disgust for that Sultan!

In the past Nazrin and his Father have always taken the moral high ground as voices of the nation’s conscience in their utterances on issues of governance, judicial independence and race relations. They could do so because that was all it was – just talk - but when it really matters cakap bukan seperti bikin lah.

That BN take over of Perak could not have happened if Azlan had not allowed his son to prostitute himself for UMNO’s gain! But prostitute himself he did! So much promise of a just and wise reign when Azlan and his supposed learned son came to the Perak throne and yet when push came to shove, greed and Azlan’s selfish desire to have his son be Sultan after him, allowed UMNO to use him for their odious entry into Perak. And now that is all history…his son will be Sultan one day and Perak is now Barsian Nasional’s ….and damm the people of Perak!

Every Sultan or their ancestors in every state that we have in Malaysia are, at one time or another, guilty of the same thing – some more than others. Of course Johore, Selangor,  Negri Sembilan, Pahang and Kelantan at one time or the other are notorious for what their Sultans have done to satisfy their own greed for money and sex! More sex than money. But whereas there have had many a willing female to fornicate with them for free and for money, their greed and need for money meant plundering from the Rakyat’s coffers…over and above what has already been allocated to keep their useless life style in the style that they are accustomed to! And they need the money to pay for their ostentatious life styles, their many many wives and mistresses, their gambling and basically they need of money for the same reason that we do….to live! It is just that the way that they live is unlike the way that we live….we live within our means while these Sultans and their families live as Sultan do…without responsibility or caring from where their money comes from. They will do anything for UMNO just as long as they are well rewarded for their efforts…and this Azlan of Perak was very well rewarded for his assist of UMNO’s take over of the Perak State government.

Does that surprise anybody? Its par for the course for almost any human beings that money speaks volume and these Sultans are really just like anyone of us. Do they not bleed when cut? Do they not put their trousers on one leg at a time?  

Royalty in Malaysia will go the way the Maharaja's did in India - it's just a question of when. Daulat Tuanku? I think not!

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