Friday 21 February 2014


We have lived through  a few vexing times since our independence in 1957 but compared to what Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia have endured, what we Malaysians have gone through since independence is like a walk through the Lake Gardens.

Were any of you surprise when Osama bin Ladin was eventually cornered and murdered by the Americans? When President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam was assassinated in a CIA backed coup detat in 1963? When Marcos was hounded out of Manila by his own people? When Suharto was ousted out of office? When Saddam and Ghaddafi finally met their end at the hands of those whom they had tormented and abused? Certainly not! They were all getting their just desserts for what they have done during their reign of terror, death and destruction! 

When I think of how powerful and arrogant these leaders once were before they met their end my thoughts turn to Malaysians who now seems to be at the very top of their game. Some of them lead political parties, NGO’s and organizations that they claim have relevance to the times that we now live in. Some have political power in their grasps, some have financial clout and a few have both. With few exceptions most are arrogant and seemingly isolated from the realities around them – in hubris of everything that does not concern them personally and so sure that the world revolve around their every deed and action….even on every breath that they take!

I have watched the Shah of Iran at the peak of his reign: From this:

to this: 

We have seem Saddam Hussein go from this: 

To this: 

How long before we see the so called first tier Malays, their families, sahabats and their cronies get their long overdue punishment for plundering and pillaging our nation's wealth? I do not think the time for retribution is far away....but then again do they really care? 

When you have money pouring out of every orifice within you, ALLAH and the retribution he may or may not inflict upon you becomes irrelevant because money is your friend, your comforter, your protector and your religion. If the law and Islam cannot punish them while they are on this earth what do they care about the hereafter....after all there is always Mecca and doing their ibadat to take care of the hereafter! Betul tak?  


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