Monday 17 February 2014

Collateral Murder and the need of a Julian Assange of Malaysia.

Many of you may have seen the above video many times over. Today was the first time I saw it in its entirety. Whether it is the Americans killing other people, the Arabs killing each other or the Cambodians killing their own people, what we humans do to each other is impossible to comprehend. What drives one human being to maim, torture or kill another?  It makes you wonder about the existence of a God that allows all this to happen on HIS watch! 

You can watch these videos of man's inhumanity towards each other on the Net. You see people being beheaded and slaughtered like animals, dead and dying children being pulled from buildings destroyed by bombs, women and the old left lying in the streets, their shattered corpse without any hope of a decent burial. Unlike animals who will kill what they eat or when they have to defend themselves, we human inflict suffering on our own kind for reasons of greed and power - for far more greed and power then we have need or use for. 

It is the politicians that make us do all this. It is the politicians who make war because of reasons that really does not matter to any one else but themselves. These politicians are only a few and yet they send so many soldiers to die in their cause. The orders for the soldiers to fight comes not from their generals but from politicians. And these politicians are elected by you and me and so in reality these orders comes from you and me.  

Without us Najib and Anwar will stand alone. We must take responsibility for the leaders that we have - the good leaders and the bad leaders too!

Before our country descends further into the abyss that we are already now in let us take stock of our present circumstance and take responsibility for our future.

What will happen to our people, our nation and our future when our children now in their teens grow up by 2020? What political entity and which political leader will a child, now 13 years old, will vote for in 2020?

What will that child’s priority be then? 1Melayu or 1Malaysia? Will race and religion be his primary concern to the exclusion of respect for others who are not of their ethnicity or belief?

What will define their priorities? Greed and arrogance or respect and humility? 

How will they live their lives? Without regard for those who are less fortunate than them and without humility and graciousness for others? What will be important to them? 

Do not forget that what we do today will decide what will be in 2020.

UMNO have already done their work. By 2020 almost 70% of our population will be Malays and Muslims. Will they be good Malays and good Muslims or will they be the Malays and Muslims that are the mirror image of what UMNO now is : arrogant, greedy and dependent on political power to take what it wants from the Malays and from the other races and imposing its political will upon Christians because it can? These are the traits that are now embedded into UMNO and has become it's DNA.  Time will not change UMNO as the period since the 12th and 13th general election has shown us  but we can change our future even if UMNO cannot or will not change itself.    

We all have made mistakes in the past and will continue to do so in the future – this is inevitable. If you live, you will make mistake. To survive we need to learn from our mistake. To be a better person, we must forgive our self and forgive others for making those mistakes and then go on to live better lives. Our attitude to life must be positive. More than our race, our religion, our education our success and our failures, more even than our past and our present circumstance – more than any of these circumstance that defines us, we must have the right attitude to survive.

If we learn from our mistakes and have the right attitude to what comes our way then what  was once impossible will seem probable and then with the right attitude, what is probable will soon become inevitable. I tell you now that it is possible for all of us to live together as Malaysians - our future depends on this becoming a reality.        

At no other time in the history of our nation than today is this more critical to the future of our nation. We have made mistakes in the choices of the people we have elected to lead us – more so in the last two and a half decades. We need to learn from these mistakes.

We are not doing this now. Instead we blame each other for what has come to pass and our attitude now is not to look towards the future but to dwell on the past. We cannot allow the mistakes of the past to overwhelm us all by still clinging to the mistakes of going back to race, religion and royalty. Let us change our attitude and move positively towards the future. 

Failure is not an option we can consider because our time to do this peacefully and within the framework of a democratic system of government is fast diminishing. Each day we move closer to the point where those amongst us who are fed up and have lost all hope for a peaceful transition from where we are now to change becomes more agitated and more inclined towards pushing for change by any other mean - change that they think will only come from the barrel of a gun! 

Already we can see these elements around us and they will soon start the destruction of our racial and religious tolerance, the destruction of decency and respect for each other, the destruction of our nations wealth (whatever is left of it!) and the destruction of law and order as we know it now. Amongst these elements are politicians who are hell bent only towards the preservation of their own self -  not the people, not the country and certainly not our future! If you will not do anything to make change possible then what will now happen in the months to come as Najib and this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government goes from abusing this country of ours to eventually running everything into the ground?   

It takes people like Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks to make us aware of what the Americans are doing to innocent people. There are so many things to tell about what is happening in our country today but we have no Julian Assange amongst us....and money and political power overwhelms any potential whistle blowers. But there are so many things to tell and all it would need is one brave soul to break his or her silence and then I am sure the flood gates will open for UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Who will that brave soul be?     

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