Wednesday 26 February 2014

It would do PKR well if PKR reached out to Zaid and ask that he walked together with PKR towards Putrajaya.

May I humbly suggest to all you guys who think yourself to be ‘d man’ in Pakatan Rakyat or ‘d man’ in any of the partners within that coalition,  that your time, effort sweat and toil would be better used if gutter politics is left where they should be – in the gutter! I have no interest and it really is none of my business to know what emails and sms are sent between consenting adults who would have the right to expect that those emails and sms are kept in confidence and are for the eyes only of sender and receiver. It is only good manners and proper etiquette to do so.

Zaid sending email or sms to Rafizi asking his assist to interfere in projects falls into that category of privilege information sent between party faithfuls.

However if Rafizi is able to prove conclusively that those sms or emails did ultimately influence the award of those projects to those suggested by Zaid and that Zaid profited handsomely and personally from that deal…then I would be interested to know….and even then I would question the abuse of trust by Rafizi  in making public Zaid’s sms to him.

What passes for business and what passes for politics does not mean that never the twain shall meet but ultimately it is how the deal was conducted that matters.  

Was the rakyat cheated because of Zaid's interference? Were they? If not just let sleeping dogs lie. Zaid is an honorable man, He may not have all his ‘briefs’ with him but he is an honorable man. And helping friends is one of Zaid's 'failings'....many many people in Kelantan will attest to it. I have never met the man but I too can attest to his generosity of spirit and heart.  

It would do PKR well if PKR reached out to Zaid and ask that he walked together with PKR towards Putrajaya. PKR should also do that to all the others with whom PKR have parted company in the past. In doing so we will know that PKR has come of age. That what matters is the getting together of like minds and the mending of fences with old friends. 

An impossible ask maybe but how else will PKR build its inner strength and demonstrate its maturity? 

Zaid has more that pay his dues to society. In 2008, he was one of four Malaysians named by Forbes in its list of generous and interesting philanthropists in Asia, for starting the Kelantan Foundation for the Disabled in 1998. The foundation provides free counseling services, physiotherapy, transportation and home visits to 2,400 disabled individuals from Zaid's home state of Kelantan, who are suffering from Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, blindness and other disabilities.....what have you done Rafizi?  

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