Monday 10 February 2014

Cakap cakap...Waytha!

Waytha o Waytha…after your grand gesture of the hunger viratham for Hindraf Five Year RM 4.5 billion Blueprint proposal for the resolution of the socio-economic woes of the impoverished Indian community all you got from Najib was a coconut trunk up your backside! 

Not even a thank you for helping Barisan Nasional get some Indian votes at the last general election.

Not even a ‘sorry’ for throwing your brother in jail!

You got a deserved “good riddance”  - deserved because you brought this all upon yourself!

I do not doubt your personal commitment to the Hindraf cause not do I doubt Hindraf commitment to do good for the Indian Community but cuba pakai otak sikit lah! 

You are dealing with Najib when he was fighting desperately for his political life! Did you not have the brains to work out for yourself what you should and should not do when dealing with him? I would not buy a used car from this man...hell I would not buy any car from this man! 

Anyway its a done deal. Pick yourself up from the gutter Waytha...go cap in hand to the people who have trusted you with their future and tell them what Najib had done to you and do what you can to ensure that the party and the coalition he now leads will not win election again  in five years time...and chalk up your time as a Deputy Minister under Najib for what it is...a fool being taken for a ride by those monkeys in Barisan Nasional. ...and I do hope that you will not succumb to any other 'deals' proposed by these same monkeys!  

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