Friday 21 February 2014

There will be no reconciliation......

There will be no reconciliation for Nurul and Raja Ahmad Sharir. After ten years of marriage and two children our Princess have decided that politics and domestic bliss cannot sleep in the same bed. And all concern – her father in-law Haji Raja Salim and her own parents, Anwar and Azizah,  have accepted the inevitable – that there will be no reconciliation.

Raja Ahmad is not to enamored chauffeuring Anwar around even though it is because Anwar only trusts his son-in-law to do so. I guess being Anwar’s driver and Mr Nurul is eating into his manly psychic.

For Anwar this break up provides him with the excuse to find a more formidable partner for Nurul’s tryst with destiny – her ultimate ascent as Prime Minister of Malaysia. Knowing Anwar I am sure he already has someone in mind to take over Mr Nurul’s duties.

As for the real reason for the break up….who really cares? In politics when there is no reason to excuse doing what you think you must for political gain…you will still find one!      

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