Monday 1 June 2015

Berita Daily : Stupidity has never had a more rapt audience

Berita Daily

01/06/2015 07:47 AM
Stupidity has never had a more rapt audience
Hussein Hamid
It would have been better for Najib to stay silent and lie no more because every time he opens his mouth on 1MDB, he digs himself deeper into the pit that he is already in
You, I and many others, must be watching with wonder and amazement at the audacity with which our leaders are waging their political life and death struggles. Their every action, every word and every possible permutations of their actions and their words are dissected, debated, discussed and debunked with glee and enthusiasm on the NET.

Stupidity has never had a more rapt audience than the Malaysian public. And stupid politicians abound in Malaysia in numbers that would put to shame many a mufti who dares to think that Islam confers upon Muslim leaders a certain 'luminary' that would render them infallible to the final reality: That absolute power invariably corrupts absolutely.

We are more knowledgeable than these muftis, for we know that the corruption that power imposes upon these politicians knows no religion, knows no race and knows no gender. What simply floors me is the unshakable belief  these political leaders have in their ability to get away with lies they tell to our face certain that no consequence or punishment will befall upon them!

Just this afternoon I was wondering how is it that 1MDB can incur a debt of RM42 billion...and counting? I mean think of it....what did they use the RM42 billion for? Pocket money for Najib's step son?Spending money for Jho Low? How do you go through  RM1 billion? How many lifetimes do you need to do so? And here is 1MDB already RM42 billion in debt! What will be the ramifications of all that loss on our future?

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