Saturday 6 June 2015

cakap cakap....Najib & Khalid - all cowards of the first degree!

This cowardly tweet of a PIG (Police Inspector General) they call Khalid tells us that that the cancellation of the 'Nothing to Hide' dialogue involving Prime Minister Najib Razak was on his directive because he received last-minute information that there are two groups ready to cause trouble. 

And yet earlier that same morning this tweet of a PIG tweeted the following message : 

Dialog 1MDB bersama NGO2. Demi ketenteraman awam dan keharmonian masy, mengarahkan Dialog diatas, di PWTC, Kl pagi ini dibatalkan.

Khalid did you received the "last-minute information" before of after you tweeted "Dialog diatas, di PWTC, Kl pagi ini dibatalkan"? 

Aisehman brother do not make a fool of yourself. Kalau you batalkan that dialog before you received that "last-minute information" then you have already decided to batalkan that dialog no matter what! 

And you tell us that "Even the prime minister was not happy with me when I called it off because he was already about to leave home," he said.

Betul ka ni? 

What do you take us for? Fools? 

Your inference from the above statement is that Najib was about to leave his house to attend that NGO dialogue kan? 

The same "Nothing to Hide" dialogue with NGO's that Tun Mahathir was to also attend. 

And that Najib was not happy with you because YOU called the dialogue off to preserve public order! Huh? 

Khalid are you telling us that YOU told the Prime Minister not to attend the dialogue for fear of his personal safety? What about Tun Mahathir? Were you not concerned about Tun's personal safety? Did you not advise Tun that he too should not have attended that dialogue because you feared for his personal safety? What about the safety of the hundreds of people who were also at the dialogue? Didi you take steps to ensure that they were safe too? 

I am not going to ask about your safety because obviously you were concerned enough about your personal safety to not turn up at that dialogue! You bloody coward! 

Why dont we just call the whole sandiwara for what it really was : 

A prime minister running scared and peeing in his pants thinking of being on the same stage as Tun Mahathir and having to explain what 1MDB was all about to Tun and the public. Then along comes the PDRM PIG call Khalid desperately trying to cover up for the frighten prime minister and getting his "facts and lies" all tied up in a knot and (again) making a fool of himself....all in all a cock up of monumental proportion played out in the full glare of a public already wise to a PM desperately trying to distance himself from the responsibility of his office and trying to hide from the increasing tidal surge of odium, contempt and disgust from many many Malaysian directed towards him and his wife.

And Najib if you want to get an idea of our contempt, disgust and odium towards you ...think of this.

A 90 year old Mahathir who has been responsible for compromising our judiciary, the use and abuse of race and religion for his own political gain and the curtailing of so much of our civic and personal liberties through state sanction legislation and apparatus, is now the poster boy of the massive movement to oust you and your wife out of Seri Perdana. How is that possible? 

It is possible because even if it was Hitler and Satan himself that came together to stand with us against you, they will be welcomed by us.  

If Khalid is worried about Najib's safety and Najib is worried about his safety how about having the same dialogue just between Najib and Mahathir in any location you two deem to be safe and secure and have that dialogue screened live on national TV for all of us to witness. Camaa boleh tak? 

What do I think of that possibility?

If truth be told there really is nowhere in Malaysia that Najib is safe anymore. Not even if the whole bloody PDRM and that PDRM PIG is on sentry duty to shadow Najib where ever he goes and what ever he does. Judgement day is already here brother.....sure die standing one.

By the Najib in the country today? Today being 6th Saturday June 2015? Or is he and Rosmah out of the country on another one of those hastily arranged shopping cum business trip overseas?     

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