Thursday 11 June 2015

cakap cakap : I get irritated by somebody out to irritate me.

The following is a list of exchanges on FB over my posting re JPJ and that "too short a skirt use a sarong" incident I recently posted on this blog.
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  • P.w. Wong wtf...holier than thou ???

  • TamJan Lim They must have all staffs there established sex maniacs. The whole of Malaysia need to have everyone on the road covered up. The country cannot afford to have these maniacs running amok.

  • Mohamad Abdul Karim Can anybody confirm authenticity of the incident..JPJ for instance!!!

  • Liew Tat Kwong I just noticed the 'Dress code' poster when I went to Government General Hospital for check-up.

  • Albert Rajaratnam Hussein: Is it not possible for you to detect this is a set up?

  • Kassim S.A. Albert, what gives away that you think it is a set up?

  • Albert Rajaratnam Kassim: The giveaway is the first photograph. It is not indecent at all and Malaysians and government officers are not daft.

  • Sam Addams If it's a setup, they sure fell for it, hook line and sinker too. Irrespective of whether this is a setup or not, the most pertinent question should be did it actually happen. If so, why?

  • Albert Rajaratnam Just like any 'man bites dog' type of news item the so-called actors are simply playing up for the media.

  • Mohamad Abdul Karim It is the war of attrition..only losers win..but the stakes are high.

  • Wan Shukri ·
    There is a dress code already in place at JPJ, issued by the Chief Secretary. Those wearing skirts must at least cover their knees.

  • Albert Rajaratnam Wan Shukri: The manner in which the photos were taken and the pose indicate a mock display. Today's so-called virtual media has exponentially increased the number of "journalists". The adage is that the medium (or media) IS the message.

    steadyaku47 comment : 
     I have been slightly irritated by comments made by this guy call Albert Rajaratnam who asks me " Hussein: Is it not possible for you to detect this is a set up?"  

    Since then this news have been reported in:
    The Star : 

    The Malay Mail :

    The Straits Times :

    and many many other online news media, blogs etc.
    A word of advise to Albert or Raja or whatever his name is. The next time anything bothers you on the Net just click it away...including what I post on steadyaku47....that way you do not get yourself into a knot and I do not get irritated by comments that seeks to irritate me. Faham?

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