Saturday 13 June 2015

If you want to have an idea of how stupid politicians can be, all you need to do is see what PAS are now doing to themselves.

Amongst the Malays I have always had a grudging respect for the Kelantanese. I emphasize that qualification "grudging respect" for you see when you first have a "full on" in your face contact with a Kelantanese you do need to stifle a chuckle as the kelantanese vocalize his greetings to you.  Whether in English or Malay there is no mistaking a kelantanese when he speaks no matter how long he has been away from Kelantan. The respect I have for them is because by and large they are a notch above the other Malays from the other states. The Malays from Kelantan have the much deserved respect of other Malays because they are what we Malays want to be - true to their roots and yet street savvy to the ways of others. And they seem to excel in almost anything they set their minds to...almost anything but politics if their home grown political entity, PAS, is any indication.

PAS seems to have a knack of shooting themselves in the foot every time they are thrown a life line to join national politics....and the goings on in PAS today seems to confirm this yet again.  

If you want to have an idea of how stupid politicians can be, all you need to do is see what PAS are now doing to themselves.

Forget what Umno is trying to make PAS do. Forget the comments coming from Kit Siang and Guan Eng or even from within PKR. In the fullness of time what will become obvious for all to see is that Pas will have nobody to blame for their demise from national politics but themselves. By their decision to "putus dengan DAP" but stay in Pakatan Rakyat what Pas have done is to relegate themselves to what they were before -  an irrelevant, chauvinistic, little political entity relevant only for the Malays in that backwater state of Kelantan. It seems that is all that PAS can be, has been and shall always be because they can see no further than the tip of their nose and they are deaf and dumb to the realities and needs of the Malays in general and of national politics.

As a Malay and all that being a Malay entails, I am no longer amused by the antics of Malay politicians in PAS or Umno for I know that most Malays,me included, are no longer interested to what these Malay politicians are trumpeting to be the most important of their priorities in politics : race and religion.

If any of these political entities think that they can appeal by way of race or religion for my support  - perish that thought. For me race and religion has no place in politics. For me any reference by politicians to race and religion must be by way of the need to abolish any division by race and religion in politics, not champion it.

Any political party that requires one to be of a certain race or religious persuasion before one is accepted as a member of that political entity deserves to be consigned to the same abyss that the Nazi and the Ku Klax Klan have been consigned to. Oblivion! These are non-negotiable truths that the time we now live in insists are necessary if we are to prevail as decent and civilized human beings. Race and religion are personal to you and are to kept personal and not be imposed upon others or even discussed or shared with others unless it is mutually agreed. And certainly to be excluded from any discussion of politics at any level.

What I cannot understand is why DAP - specifically Kit Siang and Guan Eng insists on taking themselves down to the level of Pas by publicly continuing to make comments of what Pas are now doing to distance themselves from DAP. An elegant silence would suffice when you are dealing with bigots and religious misfits who continue to live under the tempurung when others are already living in the 21st century.

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