Tuesday 16 June 2015

Palani sacks Subra sack Palani : MIC pon Boleh!

MIC Public Service Announcement:

Palani suspends 15 MIC leaders, including his deputy Subra.
The MIC crisis widens following the president's decision to suspend party deputy president Dr S Subramaniam and vice-president M Saravanan.

KUALA LUMPUR: Barely a day after failing to obtain a judicial review against the Registrar of Societies, MIC president G Palanivel in a drastic move today suspended 15 top MIC leaders.

"In my press statement yesterday, I had informed the media about the illegal meeting of the purported 2009 Central Working Committee of MIC scheduled for today at 12.30pm at the MIC Headquarters.

"The purported Notice of Emergency Meeting of the Interim Central Working Committee of MIC dated June 15 has been issued by 'Elected Members of the Central Working Committee - Term 2009-2013', and not the Secretary General of MIC as provided for in the MIC Constitution.

"I had, on June 15, 2015, immediately issued a memo to all CWC members and other leaders to cancel the said illegal meeting of the Interim CWC and to forward to me the cancellation notice. Despite my said memo dated June 15, 2015, these individuals had not cancelled the scheduled meeting."

"It is beyond doubt that the acts of these individuals were clearly detrimental to the interests of the Malaysian Indian Congress," he said in a statement issued this morning.

Dr Subra sacks Palanivel, becomes acting president.
Barely hours after he was suspended by Palanivel, the MIC deputy president says the party president ceases to be a MIC member

KUALA LUMPUR: Barely hours after MIC president G Palanivel issued a statement announcing the suspension of his deputy Dr S Subramaniam and 14 others from the party, the MIC interim central working committee (CWC) decided that Palanivel's membership in the party had been stripped for taking party matters to court.

Dr Subramaniam after chairing the interim CWC meeting at the party headquarters here, said Palanivel ceased to be a member of the party when he took the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to court without endorsement from the central working committee.

"The party constitution states that any member who takes party issues to court without a resolution from the CWC is automatically stripped of membership,” he said.

"We need not even inform them of this. I have brought this up with the Barisan Nasional leadership in March even, but because of a stay order in court, we did not make it public," he said, adding that he would be taking over as acting party president.

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The following video always reminds me what these morons are doing....

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