Sunday 21 June 2015

cakap cakap...Idris Jala.

We all have our work to do and in doing our work we have choices to make. My work is to write. I write about what I see around me and what I think of what I see. The right or wrong of what I write is the judgement of those who read what I write. 

This morning I am troubled by what I read in Idris Jala open letter to Bloomberg but first let me start from the very beginning.

I do not want to live in Indonesia. The Indonesian Muslims kill Chinese and Christians by the thousand when they are moved to do so with a regularity that is worrying. 

Thailand? I believe that no country disrespect its women like Thailand does by allowing sex to be sold so freely. "Sex holidays" are what most people go to Thailand for. While democracy seems to be alive and well the ability of the Army to frequently impose its will upon the people is discomforting. 

Yes I know Singapore is way ahead of Malaysia in all things but the sterile and squeaky clean Singapore is not my idea of a country that I could grow to love and willingly call home.

Philippines like Thailand not only disrespect its women but the rich are really rich and the poor are abjectly poor. There is something inherently wrong within the politics of that country when its leaders allows that much disparity between its people.

And so what is left? Malaysia of course! In a heartbeat if I have to choose a country to live in amongst our Asian neighbors, no other country will be considered but Malaysia.

And if you still have any doubts about whether Malaysia deserves to be my choice then go read what Idris Jala wrote in his open letter to Bloomberg where he went hammer and tongs against an article on Malaysia that William Pesek wrote "Malaysia Gets a Dose of Real Talk". 

 Idris Jala wrote:

"The facts, however, are that between 2009 and 2014, Malaysia's Gross National Income grew by 47.7 per cent. Growth last year was six per cent, and over the next four years, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has predicted that Malaysia would enjoy an annual growth of 5.6 per cent," he added

Idris said it would be perverse to characterise this as "slow" and by contrast, the Economist reported last month that the European Commission is forecasting growth in 2015 of 1.5 per cent, which would be the eurozone's best outcome since 2011.

"A growth rate nearly four times that of some of the most advanced economies in the world hardly suggests 'distress......
in the last five years, annual investment growth had been 2.5 times more than in the preceding years.

We touched the lives of five million people through rural roads, electricity and water projects. This represents possibly the biggest government expenditure over a five-year period in the history of Malaysia. All these was done in the name of inclusive economic development," he added.

etc etc.

But wait a minute!

Why then has the ringgit sunk so low?
The migration of Malaysians to places abroad been so high?
Why is Malaysia now considered to be the most corrupted nation in this part of the world if not globally?
Why has Tun Mahathir, the longest serving Prime Minister of this nation been calling the current PM a liar, a cheat and a inept, incompetent PM to boot?
Why has has billions been lost through illegal transfers overseas?
Why is the IGP called a tweet and a PIG?
Why is the national airline, MAS now "technically bankrupt?
Why is a former DPM in jailed?
Why has the purchases by this BN government of two Submarines from France involved the murder of a foreign national by two government operatives from UTK and why is there the "popular" perception that the RM500 million paid for services rendered by Razak Baginda
Why did this BN government lose its popular mandate at the last GE and yet still governs?
Why has race and religion now become such a divisive issues when it never was before?
Why has 1MDB become such a problem for the PM and his cabinet?
Why has there been so many questions about the suitability of Rosmah as FLOM?
Why is Rosmah calling herself FLOM?
Why has Hermes now become such a well known brand in Malaysia?
Why has Port Dickson become synonymous with Najib Razak? Is it his favorite sea resort to go to whenever he is free to take a break? 
Why is Petronas contributing 40% of this BN government budgetary requirements but yet its accounts are only for the eyes of the PM?
Why if Zeti is the most respected Bank Negara Governor why is her integrity and independence being questioned publicly today?
Why is the independence of the judiciary in question?
Why is a used car salesman now the Chairman of Tabung Haji?
Why do we need POTA?
Why is MIC, a component party of the ruling BN now in free fall towards disintegration?
Why did MCA not have anybody in Cabinet for sometime?
Why did Gerakan lose Penang?
Why did we lost hundreds of millions of ringgits with Minco?
Why is Felda Global Venture going way way south of initial IPO?
Why is a convicted corrupt Umno's politician Felda's Chairman?
Why is a pedophile the head of Risda?
Why are ex CJ's involved in business and wealthy to boot?
Why is the most developed state in Malaysia in opposition hands?
Why is a minister currently at loggerheads with the crown prince of Johor?
Why do we need GST if the country is doing so well?
Why is the price of Ikan Kembong and Ikan Bilis astronomically high?
Why are China Dolls an issue?
Why is prostitution a income source for PDRM?
Why are you a Minister?
Why is this PM now fighting for his political life? 
Why is Malaysia's total debt already RM582 billion, or 66 percent of GDP - that is 11 percent above the statutory limit

etc etc 

What then is wrong with Malaysia when the reality, according to Idris Jala belies the perception? Who is lying? Idris or the much maligned, ill informed, ungrateful, pushed around public?
And you Idris, of all people, with your intellect and education should be able to see beyond the physical data, figures and statistic that you presented in your open letter to Bloomberg!

And I know you can see beyond the positive figures that you quoted in that letter. You can see what has happened to MAS that is now technically bankrupt, beyond 1MDB and beyond FGV - but if you wrote about it all then you will only be pulling the trigger of the very gun now being pointed at your head!

Bang and you are no longer a Minister!  

I have no problem writing about these issues because it is my business to do so. I am not part of this BN and  Najib led gravy train that is choking and bleeding our nation, our people and our future to a premature death!

The same gravy train that is the cause of PDRM and the Judiciary becoming running dogs of the same BN government in order to perpetuate the political dominance of BN over all comers.

The same gravy train that has seen the robust harassment and incarcerating of opposition members, dissenters and activists that dare to parade their dissents and activism in public against the BN government that you are a part of.

You see Idris if you choose to see only what is in front of your eyes then you are not as intelligent as you think you are.

Look at Paris Hilton. Is she not a sight for sore eyes? is not her physical beauty rivaling many other women? And yet go to Google and type in porn followed by her name, Paris Hilton, and you will see the reason why at the age of 34 there is still no decent man willing and wanting to have her for his wife! Would you have her for your wife Idris?

And so Idris do not talk about "We touched the lives of five million people through rural roads, electricity and water projects. This represents possibly the biggest government expenditure over a five-year period in the history of Malaysia. All these was done in the name of inclusive economic development," instead about the costs overruns, the abuse of the tender process, the abuse of the negotiated tender process and about the many delayed and failed projects!

This is the problem with Malaysia today!

You can come up with all the statistics, data and information  - as you have done - to tell the world and anybody else that is listening that it is one of the most advanced, forward looking, robust democratic system of government with a dynamic and most "transformation minded" prime minister and anything else you may wish to claim that this nation, its government, PM and ministers are, but that does not in any way hide the ugly truth and reality of what all we Malaysian are now facing today!

Our FLOM can dress in the most expensive of clothes, carry the most expensive of handbags and have diamond rings that could possible provide food and clothing for thousands of impoverished African children annually - but all that cannot  not make her into this:

When she looks like this:

Only photo shop can!

And that is what you are doing Idris. Photo shop our nation!

We are wise to what people like you do. Stop making a fool of yourself. You have too much intelligence to want to continue to do so. Respect your own self and get out of the hole you are now in before it is gets too deep for you to dig yourself out of.

Like Anwar Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim, when you came into BN there was much hope that your presence in cabinet would make a difference to the manner this corrupt and inept BN government manages the affairs of our nation. Anwar Ibrahin is still a work in progress but he has given our nation the possibility of a viable two party system critical to the success of any country that profess to democratic principle. Zaid did the honorable things and left cabinet because he was not prepared to compromise his own principles to advance that of Umno. 

What about you Idris? 

Idris you want to fly with eagles not dodos. You want to swim with Dolphins not Dugongs. Or maybe it is a little bit too late for you to fly or swim with the best there is out there and so you make your bed with UMNO?
What are we facing today?

A corrupt, inept, irresponsible, self serving PM, with a pliant and "yes sir yes sir three bags full" cabinet that, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, is leading our nation and our people down the path of economic ruin, racial and religious Armageddon and possibly towards being a failed state.

Idris you can go and write another letter to whoever you like to deny deny deny the reality that I have just spoken of but it will not do any good because while the world may take the writings of a cabinet minster with facts, figures and data at face value, we the people of this nation do not! We know better because we live the nightmare every fucking day!    

When you have provided your child with all the education that you think he needs the question that matters most is not that he has a PHD but what he does with the education that he has - will he do good or evil?

The same with what this BN government has done in Malaysia.

You can look at the Proton Saga as a triumph and an achievement of a nation that was determined to show the world its ability to have it's own National Car - or you can total up the hideous losses that Proton has made since its inception 30 years ago that now runs in the billions of ringgits and ask yourself if it was really worth it?

Mahathir was PM for 22 years - and by any criteria that is indeed an achievement in longevity if not in anything else - but what history will ask is what did he do in that 22 years as PM. What did he achieve for the people and the country he was PM of. 

Your BN government is now officially a failure. 

Let me try and out into words the disappointment, despair and disgust that I feel within me for  just one thing that this Umno has failed to do in their time of government to Malaysians  and to Malaysia.

The most insidious of their failures was their inability to prevent everyday corruption from taking roots in every facet of our lives, our government and even within our religion. Every Malaysian has been affected by it. Either they have been the victim of this "everyday corruption", or they know someone who has been affected by it or are burdened by the need to deal with it almost in everything that they do in life  - almost everyday of their life - from their cradle to their grave! Yes even in the getting of a site to bury the dead corruption rears its ugly head!

And what is this "everyday corruption" that are now as much a part of our life as the incessant flies and mosquitoes that are everywhere around us?

For those of us who have a bicycle, motor cycle, car, taxi, van, lorry, bus or use any other means of transport including an aircraft  - all of us have at one time or another been at the giving end of the never ending extended hand of the authorities seeking bribes - be it the police, customs, immigration, JPJ or any of government authorities that administer and manage them. This is what I mean by everyday corruption. If the police can take a few dollars from someone riding a bicycle who has committed a minor traffic infringement they will do so. The air traveller is not spared the outstretch hands of the customs should there be occasion to "negotiate" them turning a blind eye to anything that the traveller is trying to bring into the country what he is not suppose to bring.  

Idris do not try to rebut the picture that Pesek has painted of Malaysia. We live the nightmare every fucking day!


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