Saturday 27 June 2015

Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive.

If, like me, you have made the effort to read and understand the ebb and flow of this 1MDB scam that has contributed most generously to the gravy train that Najib Razak and his cohorts have been driving through his time in politics, you would by now know better than to stand it its way.

Greed does not stop for anyone or anything. Not even when our people are already bruised, battered and driven to their knees by the excesses of an irresponsible government led by a self serving prime minister and not even when our Nation has now not only sunk to the lowest level of nations considered corrupt globally but also begun to dig itself deeper into the abyss of a failed state.

This latest episode involving the arrest of  Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo not only insults our intelligence but makes us stop to think if maybe Najib Razak has already lost the plot.

This comment by Johan Muthahir says it all:
As we understand, criminal activities in a country is reported in the same country where the alleged crime took place and if there is proof of crime,  the country's police department will get the Interpol to extradite the criminal wherever he may be to the country concerned to face charges. Looks like Thailand Police are taking instructions from a private company to handle this Justo guy. It's kind of weird. Maybe some lawyers can comment.

Looks more like a drama being played for the Malaysian public.

Looking at Thailand police record, anything can be done with what one has in hand. Anyway, this Justo guy is a ''common criminal'', that is if he really is but why the police with big guns as though he is a terrorist. hahahaha
And of course New Straits Times Online gushingly have this to say on the same issue!

dramatic new development in the 1Malaysia

Read More :
"......dramatic new development....our exclusive report on the arrest of Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo has been followed by newspaper and online media around the world.....
What motivated this man, so disconnected from the nation of Malaysia, to launch such a callous attack on our people without a thought for the consequences?"

God it makes me want to vomit! This would be another reasons why this media is now only used as toilet paper by Malaysians!

Go read what Sarawak Report has to say about Xavier Andre Justo's arrest and make up your own mind what this all about.....another scam by Najib and his cohorts!

IT'S A FRAUD: S'wak Report shows proof of Najib-linked CONSPIRACY against Dr M

Written by Sarawak Report

Inevitably slowly but surely everything begins to unravel in the days of yet another plot by Najib Razak to fool the Rakat once more time.

How many times have they fooled us? How many times!!!

It would be interesting how Najib will deal with the Army generals now administrating Thailand to try and make them do to Xavier what Najib wants them to do. For one Thailand is a foreign country and two, I do not think the Generals in Thailand will listen to Rosmah!

I have wanted to write more on this but I am really getting tired of this 1MDB thingy. I would rather hear about what really happened in Port Dickson many many years ago rather than all this that is happening in the present! What about you? 

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