Monday 15 June 2015

What will you do to save our nation?


What will you do to save our nation?
We must rise up and ensure that the way of life long-cherished before and after Merdeka is not consigned to the backwaters by the emerging arrogant and self-serving Malay political leaders from within Umno
Hussein Hamid
The future and destiny of the Malay race does not lie in the hands of Najib Razak - however much Najib would like it to be so. Neither does it lie in the hands of Umno or any other Malay, Mamak, Jawa, Bugis or any others who would like us to think that they are that saviours or 'Hang Tuahs' of the Malay race. Who says that the Malay race needs "saving"? Who says the Malay race is about to pale into significance if the Malays no longer hold political power?

Today I do not see a single Malay....not a single Malay....who would have the credentials to even think that they could be that individual. Not because there are none around. Not because a Malay who could do so has yet to be born. There is someone out there who can do so but it does not necessarily have to be another Malay who can save the Malays.

What the Malays need is not a Malay leader to save the Malays but a leader who understands that it is not only the Malays that need saving in Malaysia. Today everyone in Malaysia needs to be saved. None more so amongst us than those who are in the minority, the aged, the underprivileged and those living in poverty.

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