Wednesday 24 June 2015

Pahang : Of Pahang Islamic Religious Department, Short Dresses, Sultan of Pahang and Fathering a Child out of Wedlock. Semuanya kerja orang Islam!

1 Year Imprisonment Awaits Muslim Women Who Wear Dresses That Are "Too Short Or Tight" in Pahang.

KUANTAN – Muslim women in the state who fail to adhere to a “decent” dress code during the month of Ramadan can end up in jail for a year or fined up to RM2,000, a local English daily reports.

Pahang Islamic Religious Department (JAIP) head of investigation Mohd Anis Azmi said that checks done at a few local Ramadan bazaars have shown that many Muslim women were clad in dresses that were “too short or tight”, something he considers as “inappropriately dressed”.

“They should refrain from wearing revealing dresses in respect of the holy month,” Anis was quoted saying.

“This is a warning for the public before we start our operations against the offenders soon. JAIP cannot set a benchmark on what is decent attire, as what is decent to me may not be considered so to others,” he added.

“We also cannot be telling them what they should wear, but a rule of thumb is to dress decently even if you are only out to buy food in a Ramadan bazaar,” Anis explained further.

He revealed that once caught and deemed improperly dressed by the religious authority, the women will be counselled, and repeat offenders could face imprisonment or a fine.

steadyaku47 comment:

Let me make a few things clear.
This tale of Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang fathering a child out of wedlock is not new. For many this is already known and grudgingly accepted as the frailty of a man unable to understand the responsibility of being a hereditary Sultan and head of Islam within his state. His decadent lifestyle that has required his own state to bail him out of gambling debts and his sexual shenanigans has embarrassed many at state and federal level. From time to time there have been grumblings from within Putrajaya for him to behave – all ignored. And more worrying in this age that we now live in, this is a tale of financial, sexual and executive abuses common not only amongst Royalty but more so amongst the high and mighty that politics have spawned in Malaysia.

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