Wednesday 10 June 2015

Quickies : Fact or Fiction? You decide.


Najib's goverment is proceeding to limit the use if the internet for criticism of the last quarter of 2015. Then off country sites like yours will be in demand.

Najib has devised may devious ways to hide mis-deeds so that if nobody knows, then there is nothing to report!! Clever eh.. A clear example is the decision to eliminate the Bank Negara representative from the Board of KWAP for obvious reasons.

All the UMNO heavy weights are on the gravy train and their expensive watches and overseas assets are hidden at the moment of heat.

Now you can see Najib cleverly allude all answers for questions on IMDB to be from the Board of Directors and Management...without fail..he will state that. Easy lah..just sack the whole BOD and all responsibilities of IMDB corruption, mis-management falls on you know who.

All the sycophants supporting Bajib through explanations on behalf of Najib are certainly on the gravy train...You scratch my back I scratch yours.


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