Thursday 18 June 2015

cakap cakap...Najib there are really only two questions to be asked of what has been done within 1MDB. It is moral, is it ethical?

In every society there are men and women like Najib and Rosmah. Like Zahid Hamidi, Razak Baginda, Nazri Aziz and Sharizat...and for all I care, anyone else who think of themselves as being God's gift to the Malays or to any other Malaysians!

These are men and women who have no conscience, no remorse and no shame in the things they do in our name, in the name of government, in the name of King and country and even, so they claim, in the name of Islam. Today these people no longer bother to conceal what they do. These are crooks and liars not restrained by ethics or morality and what they do only reeks of greed and materialism.

We have seen the best and noblest amongst us, the most courageous, the most honest and the most idealistic of Malaysian beaten like dogs, incarcerated in cells like animals and some have even perished at the hands of this BN government. This BN government call them a threat to our National Security - we call them Heroes.

They are  heroes to us because all they want for themselves and for us is freedom, justice and human rights. These heroes will not bow to unjust laws nor will they permit scoundrels and crooks to steal from our nation's coffers nor mistreat our people. These are honorable men and women and are certainly not a threat to our nations security but they are certainly a threat to these crooks and liars of whom we see so many of in Parliament and in the corridors of power in Putrajaya. For now the political might of these crooks, liars and scoundrels are on the ascendancy. They do what they will with our Heroes and for now all we can do is to keep the fire burning within us for these heroes - burning until we can hold these crooks, liars and scoundrels responsible for the stealing and looting of our nations wealth. And that time nears with every passing day, with every ringgit that they keep stealing from us and with every lie and act of deceit they insists upon doing.

I have grown numb and no longer care to hear or listen to their repeated claims that what they do is for the Malays, for Malaysian and for the future of our nation. I am tired of listening to the same drivel - that Barisan Nasional won government at the last general election fair and square.

I am also tired of listening to a prime minister who tells us that he enjoys the support of Umno and the people of Malaysia and that all he needs is time to right what is wrong in 1MDB.

Time for what Najib? 

We have given you time to buy more executive jets than all our Prime Minister put together!

We have given you time to run up a public debt of RM500 billion and counting.

We have given you time to appoint an idiot as Chairman of Tabung Haji, given you time to buy as many cronies as you would need to stay as Umno's President and by default, as Prime Minister of our Nation, and we have given you time to clarify, discuss, debate with and  and answer to us the many promises made but never fulfilled by you.

We will not give you more time because we are really not interested in listening to your rationalization of what you do in the name of government!

You say you will abolished the ISA. No matter what you do, no matter what you say and no matter how you cloak or disguise the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) we know it is a draconian law and we know it is the ISA under a different guise. 

And now you are asking for more time to make what is wrong in 1MDB right. 

Najib there are really only two questions to be asked of what has been done within 1MDB. It is moral, is it ethical? No amount of expedience or commercial consideration can make right the selling of our land to 1MDB for a pittance only to see that land revalued in the billions and then sold to service debts within 1MDB. Any which way you want to look at it, what you allowed to happen in 1MDB is morally and ethically wrong. 

I do not know how you rationalize to yourself the things that you do. 

Whether it is the spending of billions for BRIM, the spending of millions for your daughter's wedding or the many things that you do that has nothing to do with the business of government but has everything to do with your personal agenda of staying in power come what may! From the promise of spending millions in Sibu if the BN calon was elected to the hundreds of millions of ringgits now being spend to keep the Ketua Bahagians in Umno on your side. 

If you can only understand the disgust and contempt we feel for you for these things that you do! Disgust and contempt that is seeking ways to register itself  - whether in support for Pakatan Rakyat, in the many postings on the web and even through the support we give to someone like the much hated Tun Mahathir because Mahathir is now seeking ways to rid us all and Umno of you!

When all this will come full circle with your dismissal as president of Umno and prime minister of Malaysia is still a work in progress.....but it is a work that is progressing at a pace that should quicken you heartbeat every time you draw a breath!

Whatever you do to our heroes and to us will not help you any much longer because you are already ethically and morally bankrupt while we gather strength from day to day with every promise you made but has not kept and with every deed that you do that serves only yourself but consign our people and our nation further into the abyss of a failed state. 

Who are our heroes?  

Anwar Ibrahim is one of them. So is Lim Kit Siang. Karpal Singh and Tok Guru Nik Aziz are no longer with us but yet what they have done to galvanise opposition against these crooks, liars and scoundrels still live within us all.

Is it not strange that honest men are harnessed and imprisoned while those in government who steal our wealth in the billions are still free?

What are we going to say to history when historians write about what is happening in our lifetime - yours and mine? Are we going to own up to being responsible for electing crooks, liars and scoundrels to Parliament or will we take the easy way out and apportion blame upon those who allowed themselves to be corrupted when put in a position of absolute power? 

For now I am too consumed by anger to be able to suffer Najib and his cohorts any longer. Having suffered Najib as Prime Minister for so many years, the thought that his end is near only makes the waiting of it more unbearable! But wait for it we must unless there are enough of us to want to bear arms and make his going more immediate...but surely he is not worth dying for? And on this note I think we can all agree. And so we wait.     

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