Sunday 16 July 2017

cakap cakap...pagi Ahad.

9.07 AM. Melbourne. Sunday 16th July. 

Have just had my morning cup of coffee....a cappuccino to be exact....a few minutes ago......

My thoughts went back to last night night of tennis at Wimbledon...a bit disappointed in the manner that Venus seems to be unable to up her game against Muguruza but she was gracious in defeat. Looking forward to see what Federer will do at another Wimbledon final tonight. 

An image of my grand daughter, Sofia, comes into view as I click on my daughter's FB link...I have yet to see her...but I see her and her sister, Isabel, everyday through these images that their mother sends me all the way from Canada....and I smile and think of what we will do and talk about when we do meet. Is that not what we grand fathers do when we think of our grand children? Her elder sister Isabel has started to ask her mother about her family tree...and I will do what I can to tell her what I know of our Bugis forefather and what I remember of our life in K Hell. No.....I will not remind her too much of her Malaysian lineage...her life and her future, like many other Malaysians who have chosen to leave Malaysia, lies in Canada. Good luck to her. 

My wife is awake and yet asleep. Her eyes follows me around the room when I stir, but she does so lazily and I know it is too early to get her out of bed....and so I let her rest. 

It has been a good week for me. A little bit of writing for my blog and the rest of my time has been spent doing things for, and with, my wife and my son. A couple of trips to IKEA in Richmond to get some stuff for the apartment ...cabinets and kitchen stuff. These days any trip to IKEA in Richmond is not complete without getting myself some Curry Puffs from Chef Lagenda - a Malaysian restaurant that has the best Curry Puffs in Melbourne (says me!)...and when we are not out together...I am at home...contented and happy to be with those that matters to me. Life is good.


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