Wednesday 26 July 2017

Siapa makan chili dia rasa pedas!

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Of course, you can talk and talk and talk till the cows come home about the wrongness in accepting Mahathir into the opposition's fold. This is not new coming from you. 
In the early years of reformasi, you have also been at the forefront in questioning Anwar's motive. Your smart aleck analysts said the reformasi movement was merely an internal fight between UMNO factions- you decided not to get involved. well you missed the boat!
Then when Bersih was first formed in 2007, you said oh why is Bersih using "royal" yellow?, why are we sending memo to the King? we reject feudalism blah blah, we the poor proletariat are against the capitalist.. you missed the boat again!
Then when thousands and thousands of poor Indians (20 times more than your whole party membership!) went on the street to demand equality under Hindraf, you said oh we are against racism so we dont take any cause on a racial line. you missed the boat one more time!
Now once again, when Harapan is finally getting its act together, when finally one of our strongest enemy came to our side and takes up our cause, promised to undo his wrong, in so many ways had admitted to his wrongs, you cry foul again. 
You have failed to give us an alternative strategy minus Mahathir. You have failed to impress us with what you have achieved in terms of changing the political landscape in making inroads into a difficult areas especially the Umno/Malay heartland .
Pleaselah, dont miss the boat again!

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