Saturday 22 July 2017

cakap cakap...Melbourne, Saturday morning.

Saturday : 9.33 AM Melbourne. Cold Winter morning...hovering below 10 degrees my sarong, slippers....just finished breakfast...a large glass of ice tea infused with mango...Vietnamese bun toasted with cheese and Devondale salted butter in the oven to melt the cheese...a few minutes to catch up with World News on the BBC and now seated at my desk wanting to write....about K Hell, about life...about anything that will move me in the next few minutes as I allow my mind to wander where it wants.

It has been a while since I seriously did any work on this blog. My mind simply shut down over a month ago and I did not do anything to restart it. Except for a few cursory attempts at surfing the net to see what was happening outside our Fitzroy suburb the rest of my time gave been spent selfishly on my wife, my son and myself. You guys should do that once in a while. It invigorates the senses and gives you an overview as to what is really important in life....your life! Maybe now I am ready to blog again....I do not know for sure...I will let my head do the thinking for me and go where it dictates.

Dementia rules our life and everything we do revolves around taking care of my wife who has had dementia for the last five years. Right now my wife is asleep in the bed beside is already 9.48 am and she will continue to sleep and rest in bed until she is ready to wake up..maybe in an hour's time...may be at noon or even at times, after noon. I will not be completely honest with myself if I did not say that I treasure these hours in the mornings when I can do as I like....after the house is put in order, the laundry done and the groceries taken care....then my breakfast ...and like today...after breakfast I make myself a short black or a cappuccino.......

......and then do what I want to, TV or, like this morning....sit down and work on my blog.         

I am totally out of touch with what is happening in K Hell...and to blog the way I do....the first thing I have to do is to acquaint myself with what is current in K Hell. This I will do after I have written this piece....for now let me say a few things that has been on my mind ever since I "stopped" blogging a few weeks back.

For those of you who have wondered...and some who have asked....if I stopped blogging because someone, somewhere have "made" me stopped....let me just say this....I really do not know what is the threshold of pain that I can endure before someone somewhere can make me stop blogging. Like most of you, there are two things I dislike : rejection and pain. So if enough pain is inflicted upon me and "rejection" is thrown into the whole conundrum...I might just flinched and be "persuaded" to stop blogging....but being many thousand of miles away from the "maddening crowd" in K Hell...I doubt if that can be done. And as for financial inducements to make me stop blogging....nothing has been offered that would remotely make me consider retirement or going over to the other side (whichever side that is!). So in one, anywhere have had anything to do with me not blogging. 

Now if you will excuse me....I will stop for now and go surf the Net to see what is happening in K Hell. Until I next put finger to keyboard again...hopefully sometime later this morning... lawan mesti lawan!

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