Wednesday 19 July 2017

Indian Muslim are Bumiputra? Huh!

Najib Abdul Razak says he considers Indian Muslims to be both bumiputera and…


For all I care, Najib's government can go study any number of ways that the Indian Muslims can be granted bumiputra status. I don't care a flying f**k. And while they are doing that, why don't they go study how many ways are there for them to give bumiputra status to the Indons, the Myanmars and to that Indian citizen who is busy doing dakwah work for knowlah that Indian citizen who is wanted by the Indian government and has been given PR status by this bloody Najib's government. 

We know that a whole bunch of them have already been working 24/7 figuring out how else they can keep lining up their own pockets from the proceed of our nation - whether it is money from Petronas, the Treasury, the various mega government projects, Tabung Haji, EPF...and of course, DO NOT FORGET 1MDB! So what is another study on how to grant the Indian Muslims bumiputra status going to do to their work load....I am sure there is money to be made somewhere in that study too. So good luck to them!  

I am more interested in studying the number of ways that Najib can be granted the following status :

Queen Control.
Bugis Warrior...No
Bugis Coward...Yes.
Joh Low's budak suruhan. 
The most corrupt Prime Minister ever!

I am also interested in studying the ways that Rosmah can be granted the following status:

A Bitch.
A Witch.
FLOM (Fatest Lady in Malaysia)..
Flying Hippo - self explanatory.

Of course there will always be some smart alecks who will want to propose that we go further  - the whole nine yards - that the Najib's government should also study how to gazette the following:

How to make that Twit of an IGP as the Chief Tweet.

The Attorney General as the Chief Ass Licker of Najib's backside.

And the list goes on and really this Najib's government has got enough to do before PRU 14 because after PRU14, most of them will be in Sungai Buloh or in similar abodes scattered all over the Taiping, Kajang, Kamunting.

So for now...let them go study the number of ways how those Indian Muslims can be given Bumiputra status. Let Najib go appoint some idiot to head the commission that will do the work and make sure that that commission will leave no stone unturned. Whatever that study unearth and what ever Najib promises the Indian Muslims, we know that at the end of the day if the Indian Muslim cannot somehow guarantee that they will cast their vote for Umno and Najib...then they will remain as INDIANS who happen to be Muslim...and damm that Bumiputra status.   

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