Monday 24 July 2017

"Kita ketawa ramai ramai kat Umno"

KOTA TINGGI: Parti Pribumi Melayu Bersatu (PPBM) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the source of all the problems in Umno.
Beware of the SAHC old boy .

Communications and multimedia minister says problems in the party came about only after former Umno president and PM sacked those who opposed his views.

Johnny Moi "Everything rises and falls with leadership........past, present and future....."

steadyaku47 comment : There is a never ending line of idiots from within Umno who are more than willing, eager and dedak inflicted, who will "berani mati" for the various "causes" that Umno, from time to time, lends itself to. The "causes" are many. from being champions of the Malays, of Royalty to upholding the sovereignty of this unfortunate nation of ours. Whatever the cause, how intense the crusades and whoever is targeted by Umno, everything in Umno, as Johnny Moi says 

"Everything rises and falls with leadership........past, present and future....."    And what an "interesting" lineage of leaders had led Umno! 

From memory alone, in the modern era since the time of Tun Razak, Umno has had one hell of a ride - a ride that I as a Malay, have had been part of, with, and at times, without, my consent. Mostly without my consent. It would be too tiring and surely boring for most of you for me to list the litany, slew and raft of abuse and misdeeds that can be attributed to Umno  - suffice to say that the family of past and present Prime Ministers, without exception, have profited insanely from the spoils of political office.  

Again, from memory alone, I have watched with much interest as Mahathir's children grow insanely rich : albeit after their father's time as Prime Minister. Then there was the rapid ascent of Abang Lah's son and son in law into the realms of the "very rich" Malays during his time as Prime Minister - and this I saw with some trepidation and alarm as this was not what many of s has expected from Abang Lah who we saw as "Mr Clean"....and now, in the Najib Era we see Umno in free fall into the abyss of greed and corruption that invariably awaits any leader, any politician and any political party that allows itself to be persuaded that "Greed is Good".

Greed in Umno is no longer incidental. It has become it's very lifeblood - the air that those in Umno breathes to live, the water that those in Umno drink to quench their thirst and the food they need to sustain themselves daily. And where we once were not amused, then upset, angered and wanting those corrupt politicians in Umno to be punished for what they do in the name of government, today, at least for me, it has become comical to watch the antics of Najib, his Family and cohorts do what they do, to satisfy their greed. And now I know that it is not only me that is now amused at the antics of this prime minister of ours....but so are many this comment from one of our many "friends" (an ex orang tentera and a Dato no less) on the latest Najib's generous act of selling a single story terrace house in Pulau Tioman valued at RM$403,000 for RM$35,00....and his comment was this "Kita ketawa ramai ramai kat Umno"...priceless! 

And that comment says simply what so many Malaysian are now doing as they are assailed day in and day out by a Prime Minister who must rank among the other Pak Pandir's of this world. 

Benny Hill pretends to be stupid to get laughs from us. So does Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and Jerry Lewis....and of course we have our very own Bujang Lapok who do just as well to entertain us all with their antics.  But today there are many many Malaysian who are entertained by the antics of Najib, his wife and family and those many many of his dedak followers in Umno and BN. How not to laugh when we see these clips of our numero uno and his wife! : 


Of course it hurts when we laugh at the antics of Najib and his wife because those laughs are costing us and our country many many billions.... but take heart from one thing....when leaders are being laughed at, you can be assured that their "use by" date has expired and they are on their way out! 

Who else are we laughing at?

 etc etc etc..... jom kita ketawa ramai ramai kat Umno!

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