Friday 28 July 2017

Wait and see if Tun Dr Mahathir will deliver and do all that he has pledged to do : Make a Malaysia for all Malaysians, ensure good governance in government and do all that is needed to be done to ensure that the likes of Najib and Mahathir, will never darken the skies of Putrajaya and our lives, ever again.

I know about Ops Lallang. I know about Perwaja, Eric Chia and all those privatisation business opportunities given to those whom Tun thought would do good. I know about Proton, about Hicom and about all that he has done to make the Judiciary into his image. Of course I know what Tun had done to Anwar and to all those opposition politicians and activists who were a "problem" to him. 

Yes he was the one who put Najib where he is today and yes he was the one who appointed Abang Lah as prime minister...and there are many other things that I know Tun had done in the name of government, in there name of the Malays and in the name of Umno....and I know too about his single minded focus on consolidating power in the office of the prime minister during his twenty years as prime minister....all this I know and more!

But...let me tell you what I choose to remember about this man who is now almost a century old and counting! This man who at 92 years old, has decided that it his his responsibility and duty to put right what he had  done wrong during his tenure as prime minister!

I remember that when he had to put his life in the hands of doctors....he choose to do so in a Malaysian Hospital with Malaysian Doctors! 

I know that he told us to look East and buy British last because it was to our advantage. 

I still remember the awe I felt when I first look upon the Twin Towers and all its glory and the pride in my heart in Malaysia having the then tallest building in the whole world, 

in Malaysia. I remember his wife's joy when Malaysia beat Indonesia for the Thomas Cup. 

I know he did not allow any of his children to do business while he was prime minister and I know that he, not his wife, was the prime minister. His children behaved themselves and till today, I do not really know if Tun had any other brothers or sisters because we did not hear anything about them. 

I remember vividly one Hari Raya many many years ago when I saw him driving his car beside me in Jalan Ampang...and we were going to the same house to visit.....Tun Ismail Ali....his elder brother in law....and I was going there because Tun's wife was my auntie. I remember his wit, his ability to answer any questions from the cuff...and doing so brilliantly. Who can forget his comment to the Instant Cafe Theatre after attending a performance where he enjoyed a laugh at his own expense? As he was leaving Tun said "The Black Maria will be around to pick you all up tomorrow"....or words to that effect.

Was it not Mahathir who rein in the royalty from the shenanigans some of them were indulging themselves in.......and Tun made them responsible for their deeds on pain of being prosecuted.

The Civil Service during his time served...and civil servants were respected by Malaysians. The police were there for our security and kept law and order under IGP's who were, without any doubt, our finest in uniform. Yes there were questions asked about corruption in Mindef---but then who was the Minister of Defence then? 

The Tabung Haji, EPF, Felda, Petronas and the various government owned or controlled businesses did their work diligently and honestly and if any of their officers were tempted to stray...they did so on pain of being punished when exposed.  

General elections were becoming boring because it was always the Umno led coalition under Mahathir that kept winning elections after elections with a majority that allowed them to do as they like in government. Seeing what Najib and Umno are now doing to hold on to power'nt it amazing that Mahthir did not do more to consolidate his and umno's position in government then?

And what has he done for Malaysia...for us? Physically his legacy is all around us...all you need to do is look.....and from North to South, from East to West....we can now go to almost any part of our nation in comfort and in good time. 

But most of all, he instilled in many of us that "can do/Malaysia Boleh" spirit - that we Malaysian have indeed arrived on the world stage in everything that matters.    

I know that what really matters for Malaysia, Mahathir had tried to do....though he did not always succeed....but he tried. True there are thieves, robbers and swindlers all around him and from time to time Mahathir himself seems to be unable to see the trees for the forest...but he himself cannot be faulted for being corrupt. He may not be a good judge of character, he may have had trust in too many people who have failed him. He did dismantle too many checks and balances within the government and all that he has now to take responsibility for. He has made the president of Umno the most powerful man in Malaysia - and in doing so has allowed Najib to be a thief, a robber, a swindler and scammer like no other prime minister in Malaysia has ever been....and for this Mahathir has to take responsibility too. And there are many other things that has gone wrong in Malaysia that Mahathir has to take responsibility for...and take responsibility he has! 

That is why, at 92, he leads the opposition against the very party he was once president of...Umno. That is why at 92 he has made his peace with Anwar and Kit Siang and a host of others who had made him, their nemesis. A man can only do the things that Mahathir has done at 92 only because he knows he is the only man around who can do so....nobody else can. Do not ask why he uses race or religion in his battle against Umno. Do not ask if he wants to be PM or if he will allow Anwar to be PM as and when Anwar can. All this are in the future....the present reality is more pressing and immediate!

Forgive his past but never forget it. Understand what he is up against in going against Najib and Umno. Understand and forgive him his need to use race and religion to win the fight....but do not let him forget that while the ends may justify the means, you are not in agreement with the means! Stand in solidarity and support with Mahathir and those that are with him until the battle against Najib and Umno is won...then wait and see if Tun will deliver and do all that he has pledged to do :  

Make a Malaysia for all Malaysians, ensure good governance in government and do all that is needed to be done to ensure that the likes of Najib and Mahathir, will never darken the skies of Putrajaya and our lives, ever again. 

If he fails us he knows that he has also failed himself. Tun Mahthir will do his utmost to not fail himself....and is that not all that we can ask of him? To do his best for us all?  

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