Thursday 27 July 2017

Samy Velu.....still relevant!

So I saw this available spot for parking at super crowded Menara MBPJ which had no car registration board hanging over it, and decided to park my car. As I grabbed my stuffs, thinking it was my lucky day to get a nice parking spot so fast during lunch hour, I hear cars honking at the back. I turn around to see a long queue and hands coming outside their windows. At first I could not understand why they were upset that I got myself a parking spot - I mean no need to be jealous lah, I am sure there would be other available spots if they would just make a few rounds. And then one of the hands pointed at the next wall which said "Keluar". Ops, it was actually an exit path, not a parking spot. So with a kemaluan yang teramat, I drove out. Sigh.

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