Wednesday 19 July 2017

Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal : "Apa kah, dan mana kah, NILAI-NILAI MURNI dan HALATUJU BANGSA KITA, wahai Melayu?"

Melayu bangsaku; Islam agamaku
Bumi Malaysia tanah tumpah darahku
Tempat lahir dan juga bumi perjuanganku
...dan jika ditakdir; tempat bersemadi nya aku...
Bangsa Malaysia suatu visi harapan muka buatku 
Kemakmuran negara tercinta sentiasa menjadi do'aku
Kecemerlangan dan kejayaan generasi depan sandaranku
Berjuang membantu buat menentu segala ini tanggunganku....

Sungguh jelas dan banyak yang aku pasti, yakin, dan tahu......
......cuma yang aku langsung tidak mengerti, lantaran amat menyedihkan hati, hanya satu....
...Apa kah, dan mana kah, NILAI-NILAI MURNI dan HALATUJU BANGSA KITA, wahai Melayu?

......Seperti yang ku tulis dalam sabuah puisi bahasa Inggeris 
Ketika sisa-sisa kemegahan bangsa kian tercalar, terguris
Melihat segala angkara yang kian marak merebak berlaku...
Seperti lupa segala; kerakusan berleluasa tampa segan dan silu
Seperti luputnya iman samasekali lantas menodai tuntutan Ilahi 
Apa kan ini ciri-ciri murni bangsa kita yang telah kita warisi?

Apa kah kealpaan kita tidak mencemar martabat bangsa?
Wajar kah sokongan membabibuta kepada yang jelas berdusta?
Apa kah budaya dan tabiat kita sekarang tidak membawa malu?
Tidak kah sikap kita sekarang jelas menjatuhkan darjat Melayu?

Cuba-cuba lah agar usaha dan tenaga bersama kita gembeling
Mencari jawapan buat soalan "WHERE ARE WE HEADING?"...

Every so often I would think about our culture; our character
Our strengths and failings; what would make us soar or falter
The many traits that made us slaves; those that set us free
Traits that gave success; or which long ago cost us our liberty

Many characteristics would immediately come to mind
Loyal and obedient, sensitive and emotional, gentle and kind
Each in itself, if correctly balanced, so positive, so invaluable
Made for easy alignment and cohesion - anything possible

But this can only be so if we have sincere, fair, worthy leaders
For such traits encourage ready agreement but smother ideas
When only a few would make all the decisions; unchallenged 
Every other idea if not so blessed, unworthy even of mention

As such the knowing leader should encourage differing views
Not just mere talk but sincere actions to make the words true
For if they were never really meant, the followers would know
And what was deemed the unspoken wish they would still toe

Unthinking reverence with emotions often gel very dangerously
An explosive mix that can create deciples all bristling and ready
When even seeming disrespect could scrape raw sensitivity
Any dissenting tone instantly faced with unmitigated hostility

Such is the nature of our obedience; unthinkingly unshakeable
Faith in the leader; whatever said or done, no wrong possible
Such rivetingly galvanising effect, so powerful and all potent
Only safe if led by one totally sincere, honest, and enlightened

Such unquestioning faith, unthinking obedience, such loyalty
Would not let the leader's failings to be acknowledged readily
Bringing mediocrity to our society; accountability fast fading
A pitfall only a knowing and wise leader could ensure avoiding

Someone unwise, arrogantly uncaring of this unique character
Might even believe he'd suddenly become a wonder of a leader
Intoxicated by fllattering chorus, pure fiction can become reality
A rabid addiction the people would have to put right eventually

For values must be consistent with logic, conscience, integrity
Which if not so tempered, would become such costly absurdity
As would collusions through undue rewards or outright bribery
A total travesty leading only to discord, mayhem, and tragedy

These are some distrurbing traits we now increasingly display
Traits that have become so obvious, or was it always that way?
After all, we did everything we were told for hundreds of years
Even killed or hurt a close kin if they were the king's desires

Maybe after all these centuries we haven't really changed at all
Despite our commitment to move ahead, as a race standing tall
Despite our resolve to create a responsible and thinking society
Despite our vision and the joyous promise of truimphant glory

Perhaps all these will remain just mere dreams; a vision too far
The traits will continue; and everything will be just as they are
All the high-sounding declarations will continue to be just that
For isn't it always the case; whatever we sow we will surely get?

These are some sobering thoughts I quietly reflect on so often
Perhaps the same thoughts in the minds of many silent millions
What is certain is that we'll get nowhere doing things as we do
Our future cannot be left to the selfishly wayward arrogant few

by Maj Dato Kamaruddin Mohd. Jamal
Pingat Gagah Berani

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