Tuesday 25 July 2017

Elite Forces of the JMF? Aisehman TMJ...stop playing Cowboys and Indians!

What is it with this Elite Forces JMF doing training for Urban Warfare every other week...or  is it once a week? Main cowboy ka? Close quarter battle? Agility Shooting?  Shooting with live ammunition? All this for what purpose? Is there no Angkatan Tentera Malaysia stationed in Johor? No PDRM to keep the population safe and secure? They even have a cigar chomping Brigadier in charge? Who is paying for all this? The Sultan himself?

This is the same Sultan who has 300 cars - some in air condition garaged. The same Sultan who is in business with partners from China building thousands of Condos and what have you, on reclaimed land in the Johor Straits....the same Sultan whose son has been alluding to the possibility of Johor leaving Malaysia and going on it's own? I do not know what else this Johor Sultan is doing because I have been away from K Hell for well over a decade...but I do know he is building one hell of a Palace in Perth!

Let just say my piece on this Johor Sultan which I think nobody in Johor, or even K Hell, will  say simply because to do so would be labelling himself "berani mati". 

All these 300 cars, the JMF, that most expensive Mack Truck in the Universe.....what is all in aid of? To let us all know that he is loaded? Well Tuanku we all already know that you are loaded...we know that you have way too much money for your own good....and there may be many of your own brother rulers who are envious of your wealth....but for me personally Tuanku....I think you you do not have much of that grey matter upstairs in your cranium. Your son too serupa ma! 

Why post videos of the JMF onto the Net? You nak tunjuk to the BN government...well really to Umno...that you have the means to defend yourself and Johor from any threat from Najib or Umno? Are you threatening the central government that the Sultan of Johor, his family and the State of Johor, is not to be trifled with? That JMF can put up a decent fight with PDRM or the Angkatan Tentera of Malaysia should they ever try to arrest you or any member of the Johor royalty for whatever reason?

Aisehman Tuanku...stop playing Cowboys and Indians lah! Royalty and Umno politicians are the two groups of Malays that has been giving us Malays a very very bad name for a long long time....and other Malaysians too are fed up of the antics Umno politicians and you Sultans have been up too. If you want to come onto the Rakyat side and fight corruption in this Umno led BN all means do so...but you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot have three hundred cars, a private army and at the same time have a TMJ shooting his mouth off about corrupt politicians and at the same time say that you care for the Rakyat of Johor...and hopefully Malaysia too, because it just does not gel...tak di terima akal.  

You see Tuanku the Rakyat are not stupid. The lifestyle you lead, the money you spend and all the wealth of the Johor royal family did not come from hard work or the business acumen of your forefathers. It came from the rakyat and the rakyat knows that for you guys to continue to live in the manner you all are accustom to, it means you will have to keep taking more from the rakyat then what you give to them. So I suggest you Johor Royals better start learning about humility and thrift....and try to understand that private armies and the life style of the rich and famous are despised by the majority of the rakyat....but nothing would be more satisfying for most of us then to see all those rich and famous people fall flat on their face so that they will then understand what we all have to go through day in and day out in our daily grind to earn a living.    

P.S. I know this Najib has not got the balls to put you and that son of yours in your place...but remember what Mahathir and Anwar did many years ago when they decided to put the Royal in their place? Fakir sikit lah Tuanku...and tell that son of yours that he is not Sultan yet....and if most Malaysia have their way....we would do the the Royals what India did to the Maharajas! Daulat Tuanku? I think not! 

P.S..this is the latest acquisition of this Sultan yang kaya raya...imported untuk Majlis Perkhawinan Puteri tunggal Tuanku!...apo nak di kato....?

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