Friday 14 July 2017

Kooi Seng Chng : cakap cakap.

before independence, the Malays kept calling on the Chinese to be Malaysians first and Chinese 2nd. then in the 70s the Malays changed their tune and started to call themselves Malays/Islam first and Malaylsians last. What do you call that! I call it deceit. the Malays played out the Chinese. They kept insisting up till today that the Chinese call themselves Malaysians first and Chinese last. What do they mean by all these deceit. They want the Chinese to be disunited so that the Malays can have hegemony, and therefore take everything they want. The result of of this is the birth of the NEP and ketuanan melayu. Now you can see what this has led to. Destruction of this country, by kleptocrats, corruption, abuse of power, Muslim radicalism and a absolute malaise affecting the Malays. The multi millionaire Malays have not done anything to uplift this country. All their wealth is overseas. They are lepak kaya, lepak gaya, peduli Malaysia. Do you see their money coming back to develop and sustain the NEP? No way. Malays and Malaysians can rot for all they care.

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