Saturday 12 August 2017

Did the Messenger of ALLAH said this?

steadyaku47 comment : Personally I don't touch the stuff myself  I can't stand the aroma. I can't stand the taste and more critical, I dont have the money. It seems that ALLAH has cursed more than half of human kind if the above is to be believed....including a hell of a lot of Umno guys not to mention you know who....nudge ridge wink wink. 

Jangan lupa the Tuankus.....I know some of them drink more firewater than I drink Coke...may ALLAH have mercy upon them.

Long story short....drink if you want...but in moderation.....and I guess this is one of the times when those of you who drink might consider shooting  the messenger if you do not like the message he was bringing from ALLAH.

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