Friday 25 August 2017

Sarawak Report : For The Avoidance Of Doubt

25 August 2017

RPK Blog/ Malaysia Today/ ‘Third Force’
“And did I not tell you that Ms. Rewcastle fabricated email transcripts, shopping receipts, banking documents, money trails and what have you, none of which were authentic, none of which would hold in the court of law? If indeed those documents were genuine, where are they now?”
There is an old saying – “one does not change horses midstream.” But in the case of Clare Rewcastle Brown, she is changing horses in a raging torrent. It is getting clearer and clearer that the Chief Editor of Sarawak Report lacks the “smoking gun evidences” she claimed to possess against Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, evidence she told Malaysians “would hold in any court of law, anywhere in the world.”
I was just told that Ms. Rewcastle sacked lawyers handling her defense against PAS President Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who triggered a defamation suit against her at a London Court. My sources in the US seem to think that she appointed new lawyers because her previous counsel feared the worst…….


Sarawak Report is more than confident over its legal defence with respect to what it regards as a contrived case brought by the PAS Islamic Party of Malaysia against it, in a blatant attempt to silence honest reporting and comment that is overwhelmingly in the public interest in the United Kingdom as well as in Malaysia.
Contrary to Mr RPK’s allegations, the substance of the case has yet to be heard.
He would do well not to misrepresent the issues at this stage (or attribute false quotes) given that he himself has been put forward as one of PAS’s key witnesses in their claim, portrayed as an objective judge of the party’s reputation in the UK.
After all, he may have to take the stand in the witness box and face questions on these matters sometime soon.
We would relish encountering both him and Hadi Awang in a London court room and also Najib Razak, who according to these remarks published by RPK, appears to be hanging his own reputation on the outcome of this case brought by PAS, which continues to describe itself as an opposition party to BN.

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