Thursday 31 August 2017

Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal : My very troubled thoughts on Merdeka Day 2017......

In their paths we bow low; and such awe we all show
Their words we echo; their meanings we hardly know
Scrambling to get close to them as close as we can be
Striving to be noticed; chanting false praises endlessly

Their views we champion strongly; defend vigorously
Never to question or dispute as if sacrosanct and holy
No amount of contending truth can ever make us see
Or voice our dissenting views even if we do not agree
Very seldom do we really listen to the things they say
To verify their wisdom or the foolishness they display
Far from it to contradict them or mildly disagree even
Uncaring for the truth adding to this unholy reverence
What they do or say actually do not in the least matter
Because right or wrong we do not really much bother
Who cares if they were genuine or just glib pretenders?
As long as they serve our narrow and selfish interests
This pretence we take on with such consummate flair
A charade we perpetuate for as long as they are there
Not in the least concerned for quality, ability, or integrity
Daily nurturing this myth of their seeming infallibility
A destructively self-defeating game we seem to share
To look after our narrow self-interest; all that we care
Even if our children's children will damn our memory
Yet blinded by this greed-game, who needs to worry?
When will this pantomine end - where Will it take us?
Are some troubling questions we really need to ask
A disempowered society we are clearly fast becoming
A people blissfully impotent and malignantly uncaring
If all these said be true as they very much appear to be
What would in the end become of this beloved country?
Starved of real and meaningful voice of its own society
A self-crippling impotence of this shameless hypocrisy

Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal

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