Monday 14 August 2017

Cakap cakap: It is now 1 am....

It's now 1 am.  My Short Back coffee is done and it should keep me awake for another couple of hours...easy! 

K Hell is Hell tonight.

If any of you have doubts of Tun Dr Mahathir reverting back to his old ways when he was the head honcho of Malaysia incorporated....perish that thought! You can say a lot of things about the old man......but stupid he is not! His experience after leaving office will serve to educate him on what he has done wrong while in office. Allowing the cream to rise to the top is one of the things Tun Mahathir did not do...and that is why we have the government that we have today.     

Some news coming in from K Hell.....

2 suspects bakar flare dlm Majlis NTH2 berjaya ditangkap. Tak lama lagi akan tahu ler dalang disebalik kekekecohan ini.

Menyamar jadi ahli Armada...banyak mana serbuk dedak mereka dapat...budak2 lg ni..

This is how we bloggers some time work. We write what is in our hearts, what is in our head and at the same time, as we get the news from K Hell, we need to react and act in real time to share and comment on the news as they evolve. I am grateful for those of you who share with me these stories for there is just so much I can do to keep abreast with things as they happen. These last two weeks I have been focused in trying to keep track of Altantuya's murderer rotting away in Villawood. Easier said then done when I am in Melbourne and Sirul is in Sydney...but I can only try....but as of early this evening, it has been this breaking story of the happening at the "Nothing to Hide" forum organised by Parti Pribumi Bersatu that has taken up most of my time. 

But I am not complaining....there will be more days and nights like this as we await PRU14. No "ifs" and no "buts"....when anything happens that disturbs our sensibilities and the future of Pakatan Harapan ......I will do what I can to put in my two cents worth. Lawan mesti Lawan!   

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