Friday 11 August 2017

Daulat Tuanku? I think not!

steadyaku47 comment

We know that using a car that not many in this world can afford is enough to tell the world that you have money, that you have power and that you are different from the other 99.999% of us.

We will look at your car with admiration and some envy if you drive carefully and safely without behaving that the bloody road belongs to you or your grandfather.

We may even say in our hearts "Good for you that you can afford such a car.... if you obey traffic rules and park the car considerately without intruding into the space of other cars.

Sometimes some of us will give you the "thumbs up" in salutation if you do not have tinted windows that other mortals like us are not allow to have.

And if you pay road tax for the car as we other mortals do we may tell our friends that you are a "regular" guy just like anybody else....only richer!

But if have red number plates and drive as if the bloody road belongs to your grandfather (which it does not!) and if you have outriders clearing the road for you to move unhindered and unencumbered in traffic....then believe me Sir....we will flick our fingers at you in disgust, make a mental note in our mind to remember that you are a pompous arrogant dick head.

And will tell you, as we will tell any other pompous arrogant dickhead, to go stuff yourself in that part of your self where the sun does not shine...Daulat Tuanku? I think not!

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