Thursday 31 August 2017


Give Najib enough rope....

For those of you who familiar with what I write, you would know that I have written much about Tun Dr Mahathir....and for the most part of it, uncomplimentary. I have written much about Anwar Ibrahim too.... for any blogger worth his salt, will have cause to write much about Anwar Ibrahim....and again, most of it uncomplimentary.  And there have been many other Malaysian politicians that I have also written about. The late great Lion of Jelutong, Karpal Singh, aruah Tok Guru Nik Aziz....Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang...and once in a while, Ku Li, Musa Hitam and a smattering of opposition politicians...and for the most part, not all the time complimentary but more of comments passed, at that moment in time. Politicians are used to seeing their name in print and for the most part it is a "sticks and stones may break my bones, talk will not bother me" kind of a thing. 

But politicians....any politicians on any side of the divide - whether in government of out of government, whether those waiting in line for the next job opening, or about to be kicked out of their present job for what ever reasons....all of them will ultimately face have to face their MAKER once their time on this earth is finally over....but for now they will first have to face and me .....the people who are responsible (rightly or wrongly) of putting them into office. Though it must be said that there are ways and means to delay, dismiss or at times even avoid for some period of time the necessity of putting yourself up for inspection for the things you have done in public office. But avoiding, delaying or even dismissing the scrutiny and judgement of the very voters that put you into public office is really not the done thing for those who first came into public office the "democratic" way...however "guided" that way may be. 

Bottom line....the purveyor of "political correctness" is you and me!

We decide what is right and what is wrong with our politicians. We judge if what they do is for King country and ourselves or for themselves their families and friends. And work betide the politicians who forgets this. 

For sure we, the people, can be lied to by what these politicians spout in parliament.... helped enthusiastically at times by the main stream media and the various government apparatus coerced by various means - financial and physical - to assist these politicians in their deceptions. At times we are kept in the dark (so they think)  about the lying scheming and duplicitous manner by which they try to hold on to political power by "ingenious" ways and means that would make even King Solomon shake his head in wonder and amazement at the ability of these politicians to find their way through all the checks and balances that are supposed to be in place to prevent the very antics that politicians do, to not only stay in power, but also to line their very deep pockets with the ability to stay in power in the manner the rich and famous are likely to do. All this history have shown to be true.... for those who are politically powerful find it impossible to ignore that most salacious of ALLAH's gift : Greed and Avarice. 

Greed and Avarice you can now be found in abundance among those who are within the ranks and file of Barisan Nasional - specifically in that dominant component of that "barisan" commonly known as Umno...and within Umno...none are able to fly so high in the stratosphere of Greed and Avarice as Najib and Rosmah....aka the president of Barisan Nasional and his erstwhile wife, the flying Hippo aka anak si Mansor. 

But political power, money, greed and avarice of the politically powerful can only do so much for anybody. For Rosmah, all the Kings horses and all the King's men cannot make her what she is not.

Why Rosmah Mansor Deserves The Title Of 'Second Most Beautiful First Lady In Asia'

Not her Hermes Bags, not her diamonds and pearls, not even photoshop can make us forget that she is an overweight, dumpy bitch/witch who waddles not walk and has a face that only a hen pecked husband has to love! 

As for amount of Personal Assistants, not even that bunch of Monkeys populating his Cabinet and those dedak hungry sycophants who flits around him like flies and maggots do over any rotting filth... none of them can ever make him anything else other than a hen pecked husband who is doing government ala Idi Amin.

For Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak...and please note who comes first in this equation.....while they are in reality First Lady and Prime Minister of Malaysia, we long suffering Malaysians are all waiting for PRU14 to make some changes to the equation. No... No.... to put Najib Razak first and Rosmah Mansor second....but to kick both of them out of Seri Perdana and then start the process of making them accountable and responsible for what they have done in the name of government from the time Najib Razak first came into politics at the very early age of twenty three!

While waitng for PRU14 what do Malaysian do? 

Many very hard to put food on the table for our family and provide a roof over their heads. Then there is the car instalments to be paid for and the other bits and pieces of life that must be attended to if life is to be bearable.....but tell me...what do you people do while doing the things that we all do every day of our life? Over breakfast, meals or even a teh tarik and shooting the breeze with our loved ones and our friends?    

I do not know about you guys...but for me when I am among a group of Malaysians...we invariably talk about Najib and Rosmah! Not that is not true....we do not talk about Najib and Rosmah....we laugh at them.

How not to laugh when Rosmah tries to pass this image of her as being her?

And remember her in that "Star War" get up that will make even Darth Vader blush?

Then there was that idiotic dance they both did when meeting up with the Chinese President:

What about Najib? 

Najib tries to be Presidential but he fails miserably on all counts. 

Take away the money that he has somehow found mysteriously in his personal bank account and what we have is a clown...a very dedak rich, AG cleared and IGP arse licking protected prime minister for sure...but essentially a clown! 

And this is my favourite image of Najib Razak : 

Essentially Najib Razak and Riosmah Mansor have now become objects of ridicule and laughter for Malaysians. 

Nothing gives us all a good laugh when we meet with friends and acquaintances as sharing with each other the latest antics of these two. I still cannot forget that laugh a friend of mine in Melbourne gave me when I asked him to tell me if he could tell who was waving at the crowd from the inside of a heavily tinted Perdana...and even though it was just the wrist and finger that was showing.....he knew straight away that it was the Fling Hippo....we both had a good laugh!

And that should worry Najib and Rosmah! 

When any public figure becomes the object of laughter and ridicule it only means that the public think that they have become a joke. Think Idi Amin. Bush, Trump. Mugabe. Jacob Zuma. Silvio Berlusconi. Kim Jong-un. Emperor Bokassa. And Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor have joined the "elites" of these group of stupid, idiotic and greedy world leaders!

What is hard to take is that joke is upon us all...we Malaysians and Malaysia are the one suffering because we have allowed these two to be the top of the food chain in our country.  

You can shake you head in exasperation as you see Anwar once again in the dock, once again being convicted of Sodomy and once again incarcerated in Sugar Buloh...but you never laugh at Anwar Ibrahim. Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang have never been object of laughter and ridicule and certainly never Tun Dr Mahathir and his wife....but think Najib and Rosmah and what we have is that the number of stupid people in existence have been increased by two from the time these two got together as husband and wife!  And really the first thing they should have not be allowed to do is breed...can you imagine little clones of them running around with power and money in the Malaysia that is to come?  

So pause for a moment and think hard...very hard ...and ask yourself what you can do to stop this sick joke of having these two living in Seri Perdana at our expense!  

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