Wednesday 23 August 2017

Singapore Anjing...well done KJ!

Well done KJ....that missing RM$100 million from your ministry is being blamed on others...what about this SEA Games Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim or DAP to be blamed? 

Dave Low Sports Minister having a blast, walking around with ushers & bodekguards

To the people of Singapura.....
a thousand apologies. 

What A Disgrace!
This is all the bad things Malaysia has done for SEA Games 2017 in their country - The worst SEA Games ever!
1. No driver for Myanmar women team to return to hotel after beating Malaysia women team 5-0, and departure to hotel is delayed till 23:40PM.
2. No bus for Thai futsal, U22 Vietnam to go to training venue. They also use wrong venue for Thai futsal team. Open the stadium too late for U22 Vietnam, U22 Indonesia... make them don't have more time to train or they must wait before the match. Thai futsal team must use their money and taxi.
3. Ultras Malaysia insult Singapore at Shah Alam stadium, they chants 'Singapore is dog' (??)
4. Malaysian police suggested to led Vietnamese women's goalkeeper to the stadium. Finally, he led her around her hotel. It takes 15 minutes before the match between VIE & PHI.
5. No tickets for Myanmar fans, they said the tickets were sold out. Finally, the stadium was empty and Myanmar fans had to watch their team from outside the stadium.
6. Media: Update the result too late. Sometimes, they just update when their team win gold medal.
7. Only 28/38 sports will be live on youtube. Important sports such as volleyball, futsal, women's football will not be broadcast. This also is the first time since 2000 that a football match can't be broadcast (Myanmar vs Laos, Brunei vs Myanmar). 
Media groups from countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia must come to stadium and do the filming.
The Sports Minister is not in control and doing a shit job bringing more shame to Malaysia.

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