Monday 14 August 2017

Mariam Mokhtar : They must be very afraid.....

Mariam Mokhtar Admrl-Gen 

The modus operandi of Umno-Baru. Send thugs to a peaceful event to create…

  • They attacked Zunar because he made us think, with his cartoons... and he poked fun at you-know-who in Putrajaya.
    They attacked Maria Chin, Ambiga Sreenevesan and other Bersih 2 members. Obviously, they have no love for democracy. 
    They also caused havoc in the peaceful Bersih marches. What do they care about our rights to a peaceful protest?
    Countless other Opposition politicians and human rights activists have been attacked. They do not want others to have a say.
    They attacked PSM leaders. They sent mat rempits to a venue in Shah Alam, threw bottles at the crowd and intimidated the audience by riding their bikes in the building....
    They must be very afraid of a 92-year-old man that they caused havoc and chaos at a Bersatu event....

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