Wednesday 23 August 2017

SEA Games....Well Done KJ! RM100 million missing from your Ministry is blamed on others...this SEA Games debacle is to be blamed on Mahathir, Anwar or DAP?


Malaysia Today…..What our young have now become!
Emran A Wahid · 
Together with my friends here is Singapore, its not anger, but sad that these Malaysian many of them are still our relatives, had go down so low. We both look alike, speak alike, dress alike, eat the same food, share the same culture and have the same religion. When we parted back in 1965, nothing should have change, a Singaporean Malay or Malaysian Malay, how different would it be ... but how wrong were we. Country leadership can change a culture, apparently and in a very short timeframe too.
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Kenneth Tan
Aren't you lucky to be born a Singaporean? Your brethren across the straits have been corrupted by their father Umno. Umno is not just corrupt mentally, monetarily and spiritually, he's proven unfit to be a father or an educator. He epitomises failure in many aspects, and now we have the tales of two people, a bright Singaporean Malay versus a half-baked Umno Malay. It's so very sad.
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Irene David
The young is a reflection of the leadership we have now! So, it is no surprise. And yet our ministers stay mum over this. Their silence is an indication that they are also of the same stock.
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Ooi Eng Bee · 
No! Their leaders (of the same community) are not of the same stock. They are much much worst than that.
These leaders are moronic themselves. Yet, to strengthen their privilage position for many many more years, they deliberately promote the brain degrading policies, encourage tongkat relaince, and periodically feed them chicken feed to ensure these youngster grown up being their long term vote bank, keeing these moronic leaders in power by virtue of numbers.
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X Surf Net · 
There was an article in Malaysiakini regarding Myammar vs. Malaysia for SEA games, where the stadium limited 500 tickets to for Myanmar fans out of a 6,000 seats stadium. coincidental?
all such actions only erases Mahathir's attempt at maintaining Malaysia as a unique multi racial, multi racial & multi religion nation living and excelling in harmony. Thank you PAS. Thank you Bugisputras.
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Desi Mon
Don't bother with them who have no sense of sportsmanship or moral. They like to make noise against other races or Singapore. But when their own race leaders opening steal money from the Rakyat, they close their mouths, eyes and ears. Give them peanuts out from the stolen millions, they are silent as a mouse. Pathetic lot.
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Lee Patrick · 
I am ashamed. The Sports Minister is keeping quiet? The PM is tongue-tied? The Deputy PM has lost his voice? Gerakan is deaf? MCA is looking down? MIC is blind? What a shitty people have we become!!!
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